Step Into Your Authentic Self
JP Sears

JP Sears
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Making the Maven Episode 128: Do not let fear paralyze you! Do not stop the work you are meant to do!


JP Sears is a popular YouTuber, emotional healing coach, and student of life. JP’s YouTube videos have often gone viral, reaching over millions of views. On this episode, JP Sears discusses fear, authenticity, and why you should take your own medicine when it comes to helping others. Help yourself, heal yourself, and if something doesn’t feel right, go towards the path that does.

Key Insights & Aha Moments


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*JP explains his ‘inner mother’ about the monkeys in Costa Rica.

*JP is very authentic and in touch with himself. How did it all start for him?

*When JP had been attending college for all of 3 months, he dropped out.

*Don’t stay blind to the help that you, too, might need as you try to help others.

*The real learning begins after you think you’re done learning.

*If we stop becomes of our fears, we also stop the work. You have to keep going through the fear.

*How has JP’s relationship with fear changed over the years?

*When was the last time JP said no?

*Why did JP decide to start the YouTube channel?

*When you honor your authenticity, you win every time!

*What’s JP’s next 60ft cliff that he needs to jump off of?

*JP asks me what my 60ft cliff is!

Become a Super Connector and Help More People
Scott Gerber

Scott Gerber
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Making the Maven Episode 127: Real relationships take real time and you can’t cheat real time.


Scott Gerber is the CEO of The Community Company, an organization that builds and manages community-driven programs for media companies and global brands. Scott Gerber is also the co-author of Super Connector, which is what today’s show is all about! How can you be a super connector if you’re an introvert? What’s the difference between a connector vs. a networker? All these questions answered and more on today’s episode!

Key Insights & Aha Moments


*You will want to have a pen and paper for this episode!

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*What’s Scott’s background and why did he get into networking?

*You don’t necessarily see an immediate return when you’re talking about building and creating long lasting relationships.

*Our society is so, so focused on the ‘now’ and how ‘instant’ things are. Relationships just don’t work that way.

*You can’t cheat in real time.

*Introverts actually end up being way better connectors.

*Leverage your strengths. If one-on-one conversations work for you, do that.

*Do a simple audit of yourself. Scott explains how.

*What’s the difference between a connector vs. a networker?

*How do you ‘convert’ a good relationship into a business relationship?

*If you have a bad gut feeling about someone, then it’s best that you trust it.

The One Thing You Need More Than a Pretty Website, And It Costs A Lot Less

The One Thing You Need More Than a Pretty Website, And It Costs A Lot Less

I want you to have a successful business and live your passion. I want you to reach and touch more people. Because guess what, this industry isn’t growing… it’s booming! You’re in demand and I want to see you flourish! Take advantage of the opportunities out there and be a leader within this industry. But, I want to talk to you about The One Thing You Need More Than a Pretty Website, And It Costs A Lot Less!

Let’s talk about investing in your business more strategically. Let’s think about the logical steps you need to take to build a successful business when you’re first starting, versus just throwing things at the wall and hoping for the best. I’ve tried that. It’s no fun!

Maybe you’ve been in business for a year. I know there are a lot of you out there who have been at this for a while, too. Maybe you’ve started and stopped. You’re on repeat!

So you’re juggling the side hustle, along with your family at home. I get it! But I also get that you’re still committed to getting in front of your computer whenever possible. When you do that, do you find yourself saying “Okay, now what do I do, again?”

You’re looking for the steps of action!

And that’s when you pull back. Because this building building thing really scares the beejebees out of you! There is fear. It’s wasting your time. On all the wrong activities!

Or you’re wasting money on all the wrong methods, resources and content. This is where the website comes into play. You just want to get started on ANYTHING that is going to start getting results for you!

Just remember. Fear is normal! You’ve never done this before, so why would you know exactly how to do it? You’re going to experience a margin of error, so get over having to be 100% perfect all of the time. It’s just not going to all be right the first time around.

So where do you start? What action step can you take so you stop wasting time and you don’t stay stuck in the overwhelm and waste your money?

A Business Card

How crazy is that? This is a great item you need to build a successful business, especially when you’re first getting started. And it’s so much less expensive than a website! It’s something that is easily available to all of you. And it can be such a strategic item to help you get started in your business!

When I was first getting started, I was out quickly looking for spaces to rent, potentially in another practitioner’s office. I wanted my own clinic, but step one was to find the space. So right before I graduated, I was out and about, going online, looking for spaces two to three months before graduating. I wanted to find that perfect opportunity.

But I couldn’t find what I wanted. Either I didn’t respect the business owner because it wasn’t how I could see myself running a business that way, or they wanted me to sign a super restrictive contract that didn’t align with the goals I had for my business.

So I was encouraged to just start my own business!

This was when I really took the time I need to find the right space. I finally found one, but we needed to do a build out. Now, I’m graduating and it’s looking like the build out and opening for the clinic won’t be happening until November. And I’m getting stressed.

But, I have about 6 months to really get things right. Most people would focus on getting their website absolutely perfect, than twiddle their thumbs, and wait.

But I got myself a business card, instead.

I started networking and connecting with people in my community. While I certainly didn’t plan on having this six month crash course in opening my own business, it turned out to be the best thing I could have done.

That business card was key! It got me out, connecting and telling people about myself and my business before I was even ready to.

Give yourself a runway, too! Here is why I advocate for that.

I see many of you working on logos, on websites. You’re working on getting your space set up perfectly. You’ve been preparing. But than you’re open and ready, and you’re waiting for the phone to ring with new clients. And it’s not happening.

You didn’t invest any time in building your snowball! You didn’t give yourself that runway to let people know what you and your business were about! This takes time.

Magically having your website go live doesn’t flip a switch and automatically make your phone ring!

What makes it ring is the online and offline lead-generating activities, which I talked about recently. You want to be networking.

With a business card!

It’s so much less expensive and more impactful for your business in the long-run.

Of course, you DO need a website. They are really important, especially for local businesses. They can be a launching ground and where you’re driving people, no matter what type of lead-generation you’re doing. You want to make sure that website is speaking to your target market and the SEO you’re using is getting eyeballs to the pages!

But, I do think there is a strategic order when you’re first starting.

So the ultimate takeaway? Get a business card! And now I hear the objections. Things like:

  • I don’t have a logo yet
  • I haven’t decided on my business name
  • I don’t have a domain

How could it possibly make sense to go about these things in a different order, Michelle?


Those things can all be changed later easily. So what should you put on your business card?

  • Your name
  • Your phone number
  • An email address

That’s it! Make sure people have a way to contact you and get out there and network! Don’t let the self-sabotage and fear ruin it. You have to start talking to people and you need to practice talking to people!

Get comfortable with your message and talking about yourself and business. The sooner you do that, the sooner you’re going to see results, aka clients, in the door!

Of course, there are way more steps in this that I’m not able to cover in one blog, but I wanted to give you one thing that you can do right away that will be so effective in your business. And it’s cheap!

Alright, beautiful mavens! We’ll chat soon!

You’re Not Crazy, You’re Passionate
Keith Norris

Keith Norris
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Making the Maven Episode 126: There are no easy decisions in entrepreneurship with Keith Norris.


Keith Norris is the Founder and Owner of the Paleo F(x), a conference that not only focuses on the Paleo diet, but also on your physical health as well. The conference has been running consecutively for 8 years and it has grown substantially since its first event. On the show, Keith discusses the importance of setting a vision and being okay with the fact that it will change, and how he and his wife were able to prevail through hardship and achieve their dreams when it was so easy to make the excuse not to.

Key Insights & Aha Moments


*Check out Keith’s event, Paleo F(x), which will be going down April 27-29th!

*How did Keith get started in this space?

*Keith and his wife both left corporate around the same time and they set clear intentions for what they wanted their life to look like in the future.

*There were so many things happening around Keith and his wife’s life where they could have easily made an excuse not to pursue their passion but they stuck with it and kept pushing forward.

*How did Keith find the strength to keep going on when his daughter passed away?

*Keith knew he wasn’t crazy. He was passionate.

*You can’t surf on a flat sea.

*It’s important to have vision but keep in mind that your vision is going to change over time, too.

*There are no easy decisions in entrepreneurship.

*How much of a role does gratitude play in Keith’s life?

*Did Keith experience any bumps along the way when he launched Paleo F(x)?

*What kind of topics does the Paleo F(x) conference cover?

What It Takes to Get to the Next Level
Michelle McGlade

Michelle McGlade

Making the Maven Episode 125: Are you fully committed to your practice?

It’s me, Michelle McGlade! While I was on vacation, some fears were coming up inside me that I simply could not ignore. What’s the next step for me and my business? I kind of have an idea, but at the same time, I’m not 100% sure. I believe fear has really been the root cause as to what’s been holding me back to get to the next level. Having fears is extremely normal and it happens at all business levels, so what can you do about it?

Key Insights & Aha Moments


*This episode is all about fear. It’s been on my mind a lot lately.

*I just got back from my vacation in Costa Rica!

*Kevin Breeding wrote a post and it really stuck with me while I was on vacation.

*Do you fear you’re going to be a failure?

*Do you fear you’re going to be successful?

*Are you not fully committed to your practice?

*I am struggling with all three of these things.

*What’s the next step for me? I don’t really know.

*What’s holding me back from getting to the next level?

*These fears will not go away. You’re not alone.

*What’s really holding you back is what’s inside of you, not what’s happening on the outside.

*So, what do you do about this?

*I see that you’re not fully committed to your dream. What needs to happen here is you need to begin to change your mindset.