Everything Looked Good… on Paper
Kate Swoboda


Making the Maven Episode 133: Fear is a habit, but the good news is, you can change it so that you live your most authentic self.


Kate Swoboda is the Author of The Courage Habit and she is an expert on habit-formation and building psychological courage. Fear-based behaviors can become habitual, but this means that you can also develop courageous-based behaviors too! Fear will always come up in your life, whether you’re launching a new product, book, or service, fear will be there. The good news is, you can change the way you feel about fear so that it benefits you. Find out more from the very wise Kate Swoboda on this week’s episode!

Key Insights & Aha Moments


*Everybody struggles with fear… and that’s okay! Kate dives into why you have to face your fears today.

*How did Kate get started?

*You will never be able to fully get rid of fear but what you can do is get present and not let the fear control you.

*If fear-based behaviors can become habitual, then that means courageous-based behaviors can too.

*At least half of our behavior every day is habitual. We are very predictable and that’s not always a bad thing. However, it’s bad when we let habits go on autopilot.

*The good news is you can break the habit!

*What is your fear routine?

*What finally got Kate to face her fears and create change in her life?

*Kate thought she was making all the right decisions. How was it that she wasn’t happy when she made them so consciously and deliberately?

*What was Kate’s biggest struggle when she first got started working for herself?

*Making six figures in six weeks is a lottery ticket. For most entrepreneurs, it’s a grind and it takes time to see success.

*Don’t compare other people’s success to where you are. Everybody starts at a different point in their entrepreneurial journey.

Don’t Let Your Dream Practice Make You Lose Your Way
Amy Lasseter

Amy Lasseter

Making the Maven Episode 132: It can be easy to focus on your end-goal, but don’t ignore the red flags as you’re working towards it.


Amy Lasseter has over 11 years of experience in the professional field of mental health and seven years of experience working in her own business. She built a successful group practice while juggling a growing family and then burned it all down when it was no longer serving her! Amy Lasseter discusses her experiences and why she felt so isolated and frustrated with her brick-and-mortar business. Through professional consulting and coaching, Amy now understands how easy it is to build your dream business while still maintaining the level of freedom you desire.

Key Insights & Aha Moments


*I’m excited to share Amy’s story with you! She is a client of mine and has seen so much success.

*How did Amy Lasseter first get started in her practice?

*Was it difficult for Amy to become her own boss for the very first time?

*It took Amy about 4 months to make her first $600 dollars.

*What did Amy’s husband think about all of this? Getting the spouse on board is almost half the battle.

*There were a lot of things weighing against Amy as she was starting her business. How did she overcome all these different roadblocks?

*How did Amy’s group practice begin?

*Why did Amy decide to close her practice down after three years?

*Amy discusses some of the red flags that flew by her and that she completely missed. Hindsight is 20/20.

*By the time Amy connected with me, she was so frustrated and struggling underneath the weight of the business.

*Amy felt like she was half-assing it and she was not okay with that. Something had to change and that became very a painful transition for her to do.

*Sometimes you can’t even hear your own voice when you’re so outward focused and set on pleasing everyone else around you.

*Get a coach. It’s so, so lonely at the top. Amy felt so isolated throughout her group practice journey.

*What is Amy up to now? You can find her in the Facebook group, BreakThrough to Your Growth & Success.

This is How You Manifest Your Desires
Jen Mavros

Jen Mavros

Making the Maven Episode 131: Get through your blocks and start LIVING a truly meaningful and inspiring life.


Jen Mavros is a modern-day Spiritual Messenger, the host of The Jen Mavros Show, and the creator of The Mavros Method of Manifestation. Her work has helped 5900+ of purpose-driven entrepreneurs discover and live the life they truly desire. On the show, Jen shares how she went from a hot mess to someone with a thriving career, soulmate, and living life with impactful and meaningful purpose. She also shares steps you can take to manifest your desires and make your dreams finally come true. Do not miss out!

Key Insights & Aha Moments


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*How did Jen first get started in her career?

*Prior to learning about manifestation, Jen’s life was a hot mess.

*For most of us, we don’t change until we absolutely have to.

*Life really began to change when Jen discovered the teachings of Louise Hay.

*When did Jen turn her intuitive powers into a career? What was that transition like?

*When you’re out of aliment, life has a really beautiful way of supporting you and course correcting.

*Jen was able to change her life and find her soulmate just by manifesting and being positive. Things were finally working for her

*Jen shares the defining moment that made her decide to change her career and take a leap of faith.

*What does Jen’s soulmate think about all of this ‘woo-woo’ stuff?

*Jen discusses the mindset you need to have when going from employee to entrepreneur.

*Jen shares advice on steps you can take to manifest an amazing life.

*What’s the most important to you right now?

*How do you define success?

Healing Happens Within
Razi Berry

Razi Berry
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Making the Maven Episode 130: Where does healing really come from?


Razi Berry is the Co-Founder of Naturopathic Doctor News & Review (NDNR) and Founder of NaturalPath. At 25 years old, Razi was sick and going from doctor to doctor trying to find out why. No one could help and it got so bad that she decided it was time to fire all of them and start fresh… and that’s how she found homeopathy. Razi Berry started NDNR 14 years ago when she was fed up that there wasn’t an official journal showing case studies of how, and why, homeopathy works. On today’s show, Razi discusses the difference between a community and a movement, where she sees the wellness industry going, and why healing happens within yourself.

Key Insights & Aha Moments


*Thank you, Jessica, for your awesome review!

*Razi Berry starts her morning every day by hugging a tree in her yard.

*Razi used to look at her phone every morning instead and it really set a bad tone for her.

*Tree hugging isn’t some ‘woowoo’ thing. There’s actually real science behind this.

*Was Razi always like this as a child? How did she get started as a homeopath?

*Where does healing really come from? It doesn’t come from the doctor.

*Healing happens within.

*Why did Razi decide to start NDNR?

*With so much information out there, people are very distrustful (and with good reason). It’s more critical than ever to understand what motivates someone into taking action.

*Razi is not just creating a community, she’s creating a movement. What’s the difference between creating a community vs. creating a movement?

*What’s Razi’s movement about?

*Razi discusses some of her fears about Western medicine overtaking traditional/natural medicine.

*Razi has a gift for you!! Stay until the end to hear what that is.


Do What Feels Right — Don’t Suppress Your Inner Self
Amanda Gates

Amanda Gates
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Making the Maven Episode 129: Stop trying to fit in and start BEING your authentic self.


Amanda Gates always felt like a weird kid when she was growing up. Her mother was a full-on hippy who made her own clothes, soaps, etc. All Amanda wanted to be when she was growing up was ‘normal.’ However, when she built her first dream home, she was unhappy. Nothing felt right in her house, and that’s how she found herself getting into Feng Shui and slowly becoming a closeted (and then out in the open!) hippy. Find out more about Amanda’s journey on this week’s show!

Key Insights & Aha Moments


*How did Amanda become a woo-woo hippy?

*What was Amanda doing before she became an interior designer/Feng Shui hippy?

*Amanda explains what it was like wearing her mother’s home-made clothes.

*Amanda realizes that her husband, David, is an absolute saint for putting up with all her ‘hippy sh*t’!

*Amanda was such a closeted hippy for so long that when she was finally free to express herself, it was time to focus on her legacy and how she can serve others to the best of her ability.

*As women, we tend to push down our gut reactions. We want to ‘fit in.’

*When you start getting haters, that’s when you know you’re doing something right. You are living your authentic self unapologetically.

*What is Feng Shui?

*Amanda has been doing this for 20 years; she can see everything from financial issues to affairs just by looking at your floor plans. You bring your energy with you no matter how many times you move.

*On Amanda’s podcast and website, she shows you how you can read your own floor plan.