The Last Goodbye
Michelle McGlade

Michelle McGlade

Making the Maven Episode 135: Welcome to the last episode of Making the Maven with Michelle McGlade.


Hello my beautiful Mavens! Today I, Michelle McGlade, am sharing with you the final and last episode of the podcast. After three years of podcasting and 205 episodes later, I can say from the bottom of my heart, thank you! On the podcast, I share with you some of the amazing things I’ve learned from you over the years and why having a rockstar mindset is so, so important to your success. Remember, you are great and you are enough! Now, go out there and serve your passion and help those who so, so desperately need you.

Key Insights & Aha Moments


*I have a huge, huge announcement for you!

*I started this podcast back in August of 2015 and 205 episodes later, here we are!

*Thank you for tuning in and being such a big supporter of the show!

*Let’s reflect on what I’ve learned in my three years of podcasting.

*First of all, podcasts are a lot of work!

*Why is this the final episode?

*It just feels right. It feels like it’s the right time to transform and grow.

*What have I learned from you, my dear and faithful listener?!

*Have a really, really strong mindset. This will prepare you for success.

*Get yourself out of your own way. Don’t let your self-doubt clog your success.

*Wherever you are at in your journey, you are enough!

*You’ve got to build the business of your dreams.

*What’s next for my business?

*I’m not disappearing! In fact, feel free to connect with me on Facebook/Twitter and send me a message to Michelle McGlade!

*AGAIN! Thank you for tuning in week after week.

Don’t Be Afraid to Look at Your Options!
Holly Bertone

Holly Bertone

Making the Maven Episode 134: There are a lot more options out there than you think.


Holly Bertone has an amazing and beautiful story to share. First of all, she is both a breast cancer and Hashimoto’s survivor. She is Founder of Pink Fortitude and the Author of Thriving in the Workforce with Autoimmune Disease, which is also an Amazon Bestseller. Holly has been through so much and had to drastically shift the way she works because of her illnesses. As someone with an autoimmune disease, she is all too familiar with what it was like dealing with coworkers and bosses who simply did not believe you’re sick. Find out more about Holly Bertone and her journey on today’s episode.

Key Insights & Aha Moments


*People with autoimmune disease, especially in the workplace, are silently suffering from this.

*Holly started her blog as a side hobby while she was diagnosed with breast cancer.

*How did Holly Bertone first get started along this path?

*Holly was 39 years old when she was diagnosed with breast cancer, and then she was also diagnosed with Hashimoto’s disease.

*Holly really could not do it all. She had to take a step back from her job in order to recover properly.

*The universe gives you signs.

*What is Holly up to now?

*Holly transitioned to a different job and they were not supportive at all over her Hashimoto’s ‘flare ups.’

*Holly felt like a failure. She had to give up on her life’s work and she felt like she let herself and her family down.

*When Holly was going through this, she found out there were very few resources for people who have autoimmune disease in the workplace.

*How many people are silently suffering everyday just because people don’t believe their illness is real?

*What has the response been like as the result of the work, and the book, Holly has done?

*If you’re having health challenges, put a financial/career/life plan together. Really think hard to come up with a game plan and work with what you got.

*Don’t be afraid to look at your options. There’s a lot more out there than you think.

*What advice does Holly have for those just starting out?

*Holly had to completely shift how she worked on a daily basis after she was diagnosed with cancer. She couldn’t ‘charge’ at the problems anymore with the energy that she had.