50% More Revenue in One Hour a Week

50% More Revenue in One Hour a Week

I want to talk to you about creating content and nurturing your leads, so that you can bring in 50% More Revenue in One Hour a Week!

We chatted about this recently, where I gave you a recipe for how to come up with 30 days of content, but I know that many of you continue to struggle with this!

You think… I got the ideas now! But what the heck do I write? And than it hit me. I was working with a client recently where we laid out not just 30 days of content, but 90 days! Three months of content ideas that were rock solid, that spoke to her target market, and we came up with three pain points that she could address in her acupuncture practice!

We did the mini-topics under these three pain points and she was on her way!

But than her eyes got really big and she got white as a sheet. She said, “I don’t know what to do, Michelle.”

So let’s lay it out on the table. Let me lay it out for you like I laid it out for her. I know the one thing on your mind and I can hear your objections already. It’s not just that you don’t know how, it’s that you still have those objections in your head.

Things like:

  • I don’t know how to talk to my ideal client
  • I don’t know who my ideal client is
  • It has to be perfect
  • What will my colleagues, friends and family say?
  • Will I sound stupid?
  • I’m not sure what my voice is

Sound familiar?

You HAVE to stop! Putting content out there like we discussed in the previous blog is actually pretty safe! You can’t get it wrong. OK? This kind of safe content allows you to find your voice! Writing consistently is the perfect way to do that!

You’re going to see what they respond to. You’re going to begin to move more into the direction of what they like from you. And you’re going to evolve as a content creator!

But if you keep sitting there and listen to those objections in your head, you’re brainwashing yourself into believing you can’t do it. You’ll find excuses.

Remember… done is better than perfect!

You have to get started. Hold yourself accountable and begin to create content on a regular basis.

Now for the five key components on doing this:

  1. The anatomy of your blog – The Outline

A blog can be used and reused in so many ways! Create an outline. What is your overall message? One sentence!

  1. Identify three key points to support your message

For each key point, decide on supportive information that you can use to drive home your message. It could be a statistic from another article, a personal story, a case study or testimonial. Maybe even an infographic!

Now write it!

Time yourself. Give yourself 30 minutes to get this done. If you did a good job on the outline, it’s not going to be hard, as long as you keep telling yourself that the goal is progress over perfect. If you strive for perfection, you’re never going to get this done!

  1. Create an Awesome Headline

This is where I’d spend some time! Brainstorm 10 ideas. Once you have those 10 ideas, head over to the close schedule headline analyzer.

Type into Google if you aren’t sure what this is and it will pop right up.

Now, type in your titles and see what gets the best score! Now use it!

  1. Create an Image

While I do think that images are important, I also want to make sure you aren’t spending hours on creating a graphic. I know in the past I have, but it’s such a waste of time! So how?

I use Canva and I love the free pictures you can find on splash.com. There are many other places you can find free graphics, as well, so it may just be a personal preference.

  1. Call to Action

Whether it’s an opt-in box at the bottom of your blog, a free copy of a book, or the opportunity to schedule a free consultation or appointment, don’t miss this opportunity!

You want your readers to know where to go and what to do next, right?

And just like that, you’re going to have amazing content that you can use to nurture your leads and provide value. This will help to increase your revenues by 50%! This is worth investing that hour a week into!

I’ve just walked you through how to do this quickly and easily week in and week out.

And one last tip… don’t forget to make time to use this content in your social media strategy! Since you created three key points above in #2, you’ll now have three great points to use in your social media strategy three times a week! See how easy that was?

I’ve laid out this great recipe for you here today and can’t wait to dig into more topics in the next blog!

Until next time!

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