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What It Takes to Get to the Next Level | Michelle McGlade

Making the Maven Episode 125: Are you fully committed to your practice? It’s me, Michelle McGlade! While I was on vacation, some fears were coming up inside me that I simply could not ignore. What’s the next step for me and my business? I kind of have an idea, but at the same time, I’m not […]

4 Steps to Testimonials That Convert

Today I want to lay out getting the 4 Steps to Testimonials That Convert. You need testimonials for your business and you want them to convert to more clients, right? While written testimonials are always great, ideally video testimonials are king! So let’s go through the framework that I use in my own business for […]


Finding My Worthiness | Lisa Carpenter

Making the Maven Episode 124: Are you trying to get validation through your business?   Today’s guest is Lisa Carpenter! I know she’s such a fan favorite, which is why I’ve had her on the podcast each year. This is Lisa’s third time on the show and you guys just can’t get enough of her. Lisa […]

Triple Your Client Leads with this Networking Framework

I want to help you turn your passion and desire to help people into a successful business! It’s such a good thing when you are providing for yourself, because you are now filled up, fulfilled and able to reach and touch even more people in your business! This week, I want to specifically talk about […]


Re-Enroll in Your Dreams | Gloria Banks

Making the Maven Episode 123: Women dream all the time but they stop their dream right before they even try it.   Gloria Mayfield Banks is ranked the Number 1 Elite National Sales Director for Mary Kay Cosmetics and annually leads her international sales team to multimillion-dollar success. She is a motivational speaker, success strategist, and […]