This book was written for wellness practitioners…

who are passionate about helping others but who are overwhelmed by the basics of starting a business. It is for women small business owners who are struggling to make the money they desire and deserve and are looking for tools to end the struggle.

This book will bring you beyond your passion by providing you the key business elements you need to raise your skill sets and accelerate the growth of your holistic practice.

Let’s turn your passion into productivity and profitability! Your passion provides the spark and momentum for your business. But it is the right tools, the right focus, and the right business skills that will accelerate the growth of your holistic practice and drive measurable results. Are you ready to be unstoppable?

You will learn:

  • The importance of people, for you and your business. They are your greatest asset, from leveraging your strengths to investing in yourself as a leader and developing a strong team around you for support.
  • The importance of building a solid business foundation when it comes to planning, setting goals, designing and orchestrating an exceptional client experience, and documenting processes for your success.
  • You are capable of earning the salary you desire by focusing your marketing efforts, leveraging a sales process and the financial data behind it, and evaluating that information.

These are all tools and knowledge that accelerated the growth of my holistic health clinic and my entrepreneurial success, and I am confident it will do the same for you.

When you align your passion with solid business skills, you will be unstoppable.

“Michelle covers all the bases – and not all of them are ‘fun’. She encourages the reader to define his/her strengths and utilize his/her weaknesses when making hiring decisions. I especially appreciate her personal approach as a business leader in sharing the ‘failures’ that have led to her success. Consider carefully not only your customer base but also your support team. Create goals, celebrate, and don’t rush your entrepreneurial process! Thank you for inspiring and leading our wellness community Michelle.”

“This is a great read for any business owner and especially service provider looking to grow their business. It is full of actionable advice to help a person starting out in business, but is also inspiring to anyone already in business. Strategic thinking is key to growth in business and the author communicates her real-world experience and expertise in a way that is understandable and easily applied. Her success strategies revealed in this book are tried and tested and able to be put to use immediately. Every holistic practitioner is sure to learn valuable ways to grow their practice by reading this book – so I highly recommend it!”

“This book is much more than it claims to be. It’s described as being for wellness entrepreneurs and holistic practitioners. I would suggest that any business, particularly start ups, could profit from the lessons within this book. Ms. McGlade takes you on an interesting journey through the establishment of her business to it’s ultimate success with illustrative and informative side stories. The book is entertaining, educational and entirely worthwhile. She suggests ‘If you want to get to know yourself, then start a business’. Her mantra is ‘heal people’. If you are starting a business or struggling with one, this book could ‘heal your business’.”

“Absolutely inspiring!

In Unstoppable, Michelle eloquently puts forth the essential qualities of great leaders, not the least of which is the ability to recognize – and then put together a great team of like-minded people. Whether in business or in life, there are few things that are as energizing as a team of people who spur you on, who encourage you, who build on your strengths (and are compassionate and understanding about your weaknesses). The book is extremely accessible, readable, friendly – and Michelle speaks in the first person, which is something I like to do in my own books as well.

As a writer, I like Michelle’s command of English, her writing skills and her formatting skills. If content could stand alone, the book Unstoppable is a winner. But when combined with easy readability, it is a 5-star product! Bravo!”