Truth and Lies: The Dark Side of High Performance

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what it means to be a high performer. I’m in that category and it has been an extremely beneficial character trait, but also a character flaw. I’ll take the good with the bad and downright ugly, after all, it’s what makes me, me. And you, you.

There is a dark side though, pieces that don’t often get said out loud. That’s what I’m writing about here. Not just the downside of high performance but the dark side…including the lies we tell ourselves and the truth on the other side.

Anxiety & High Performers

I came across this great article on Medium: How to Finally Be Enough: A Guide for High Achievers Battling Anxiety.

Anxiety is a real thing for high achievers and you’re likely struggling in this area in some way whether you know it or not. I did not know it for a long while.

A favorite section of the article is below, the author described the relationship and cycle of high performance and anxiety simply:

  1. My achievements define my self-worth
  2. My fear and anxiety force me to achieve
  3. Without my fear and anxiety, I might lose the drive to achieve
  4. Achieving worth is too important — I must stay anxious in order to protect my worth


Here’s what I know that you may not yet – you are insatiate by the success you are achieving – and you can’t quite put your finger on why so you keep looking outward to fill a what’s missing inside of you. Hint: nothing is missing, it’s there, you just need to unlock it.

Truth: You’re never going to fill that hole by achieving outward

Lie: If you just accomplish this one next “thing” you will be happy

And if you’re not yet exhausted by this pattern, I promise you it’s in the mail. Your  insatiable addiction to achieve is fueled by overworking and that is not sustainable.

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Happiness & High Performers

You’re telling yourself a big fat lie day in and day out; happiness is not right around the corner. You’re looking very successful on the outside, but feeling unsuccessful on the inside. The challenge for high performers like you and me is that it feels impossible to say this out loud.

People around you envy your picture perfect life and may only receive your feeling this way as simply ridiculous. Stop complaining. You’ve got a great life. This will be compounded by the fact that you struggle to articulate exactly what the problem is because you yourself can’t quite put your finger on it.

So how do you articulate it? How do you put your finger on it? There is no article or program or course I can point you to, it’s individual to you. We are complex puzzles called human beings and it takes a bit of internal work and unraveling to unlock what is inside of you. If you are seeking a change and ready to do the inner work, let’s have a chat to see if I can help.

I can share one thing that has elevated my level of daily happiness. PRESENCE.

Practicing presence each and every day. Journal. Meditate. Express gratitude. My favorite teacher in this area is Eckhart Tolle. Checkout this video for how to practice presence in your life and watch your level of happiness climb.

Truth: You have everything you need right now to feel happy in your life

Lie: You are a failure in life and business since you can’t get to the next level of achievement

One more thing, if you do watch the video with Eckhart, you’ll notice how slow he moves and speaks. Resist your temptation to skip ahead and practice presence with him instead. :O)

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Winning & High Performers

Are you highly competitive? Do you love to win? Me too. Actually I hate losing more than I love to win. So if I can’t win I don’t like to play and I know that’s true for you too.

If you know you can’t win, you retreat.

>> Think about that for a minute <<

You actually retreat whether you realize it or not. You don’t act when you do not know. Let’s get real on how this is holding you back in every area of your life.

You don’t…

  • Apply for the job you really want for fear you will not get it
  • Challenge the thinking in the room for fear of sounding stupid or not having the correct information or answer
  • Tell your partner or spouse how you’re feeling because you’re not 100% positive what exactly the problem is

Truth: Your true brilliance lies in the unknown

Lie: If you don’t win, if you’re not right, then you are worthless

Most high performers stay in the safe zone. Go through life bored, achieving but not working to their true potential for fear and anxiety they will be found out as worthless. And if you’re lucky there will be a nagging little voice telling you something is off. And if you’re really lucky, you won’t wait years and years to do something about it.

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Why Developing a Team of Raving Fans Will Make You Unstoppable

I never wanted to be in a leadership role or saw myself developing a team, it’s always so funny to me how we run away from the work we actually need to be doing. :O)

You’ll be happy to know it’s a full circle moment. Now here’s what I’ve learned.

I’ve been managing strategic partnerships since 2001. 18 years, well that’s sobering.

Back then, I really had no idea what I was doing exactly, except to inherently know every relationship was important. And every relationship was equally important.

In sales, they teach you to get to the decision maker, but what gets lost in translation is they don’t teach you to treat everyone like the decision maker. But they are. They are the decision maker to your next step.

>> Think on that one <<

When I arrived to the world of business ownership, I took this skill set and applied it successfully. Outward. Meaning with potential clients, partners, and anyone outside my business.

But I did not naturally think about applying it inward with my team. Team development was not even on my radar.

I mean when you first start a business it’s all hustle – to get out and market your product/service and close the sale.

But once you start to see consistent revenues and profitability is a possibility…you start to outsource and grow your team. This is the moment where your focus needs to turn inward to team development.

I realize this is so difficult. You’re exhausted. Hiring is supposed to provide relief and yet the team needs you just as much if not more.

Now here is really the MAIN POINT of my musings….


Employee. Contractor. Part time. Full Time. Project work.

It’s not the financial relationship that determines what an individual joining your team and company culture needs from you, it’s the human element that determines their need. And they are all humans.

Let’s loop this back to Corporate leaders too. Regardless of the level within your organization and the number on their paycheck; the human element determines their need. And they are all humans.

They need you to

Communicate your vision

Communicate your values



Provide focus

Show up and be a leader every day


SIDE NOTE: Want more on this topic? Joe Calloway just published a new book called The Leadership Mindset: How Today’s Successful Business Leaders Think. Love that it’s a quick read and spot on with regards to being an effective leader.

It’s not the financial relationship that determines what an individual joining your organization needs from you as a leader. It’s the human element that determines their need. And they are all humans. Click To Tweet

A very simple way to start this process for those of you who are behind in this area:

Meet with your entire team – once per month is recommended. This is a great time to reinforce culture and values, provide updates on key initiatives to keep everyone on the same page and celebrate together.

Meet with your core team – I think of your core team as the leaders within your organization. I recommend a weekly sync up on key initiatives and make time to discuss challenges.

Meet with individuals – beyond the work they are doing for your company, it is important to understand the hopes, dreams and desires of each individual on your team. A new favorite question I added to my list after digging in to Wisdom at Work by Chip Conley >> How can I support you to do the best work of your life here at XYZ company?

Yeah, that’s a lot of time. But it’s so worth it.

>> A strong team is a competitive advantage <<

Creating clients who are raving fans will no doubt serve you well, but developing a team of raving fans will make you unstoppable.

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Creating clients who are raving fans will no doubt serve you well, but developing a team of raving fans will make you unstoppable. Click To Tweet
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Your One Leadership Flaw and Why It’s Hurting You

Note: scroll to the middle to get the goods on your one leadership flaw and skip the story, or just keep reading.

We are wired for safety, not success.

I’ve watched hundreds of people hold themselves back because of just this.

But not you, and certainly not me. We are different.

We’re addicted to success.

Please reach out to let me know I am not alone.

I came out to myself about my success addiction this past year. It took great effort to uncover it, but I finally came face to face with the one flaw that had been holding me back for the first 43 years of my life.

You see, I am wired for safety too, except stacking up success was one of my ways to stay safe.

In case you missed it, take a peek here to read more on this. Here’s a brief recap:

I used achievements to get attention from my parents, but what I more deeply desired was their love.

And somewhere along the way that coping mechanism turned in to a character flaw. A flaw that produced success. So it has served me well, but there’s a dark side too.

I would stack up accolades to the ceiling and then fall apart. Sabotaging myself in some way. Only allowing a certain level of success because I believed I was either 1) not good enough or 2) shining too brightly 3) all basically leading to the idea you would not love me anymore.


I knew most of this, but I was not able to see the pattern I had created that was holding me back. I actually knew I was self-sabotaging but could not solve it. And believe me, I love to solve puzzles but this one was a doozy.

It was affecting my happiness at work, at home, my level of income and ultimately my joy for life.

Some of the ways it showed up for me:

  • I felt bored or anxious and was not able to predict which it would be from day to day
  • I felt disconnected from myself, my husband, and generally everyone around me
  • I knew I looked successful on the outside, but I felt extremely unsuccessful on the inside
  • I knew something was really off, but I could not put my finger on it
  • And most importantly, I did not know how to talk about it and who I could share it with

So maybe you’re not addicted to success like I was, but I guarantee you have developed one flaw that is holding you back in life and leadership.

Do you know what it is?

You see in my case, my pattern of success addiction was keeping me safe. Somewhere along the way as the years of b.s. from my external environment stacked up my brain became wired to tell me I was not enough. And this is what I believed.

You’re doing this too, and you will keep devising strategies to protect yourself just like me.

I suspect you’re feeling:

  • Bored with where you’re at
  • A desire to do something different, more in your zone of genius

And most likely you also:

  • Are struggling with intimacy in one or more relationships
  • Are searching outside of you to fix it OR you’re ignoring it

Now hang with me because here’s why your one flaw is killing your leadership, if it’s not obvious already…

>> A bored leader is disengaged <<

>> A leader not operating in their zone of genius places the business at risk <<

>> A leader struggling with intimacy in relationships is less effective with their team <<

>> A leader doing nothing or looking outward will fail <<


It’s always an inward game. Think on that one for a bit.

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Are You Looking For Success in All the Wrong Places?

Literally 10 years ago – January 2009 – I was one semester from finishing my MBA program, living in Massachusetts, and still in Corporate living out my dream of success and this idea crept in to my mind…

I want to leave my job and START MY OWN BUSINESS.

That makes me giggle now.

I had not yet said this out loud to anyone. It was an idea. A crazy idea. An impossible idea.

Now, if you know of me at all, I’m pretty sure you are well aware I made it happen.

And what a ride it has been.

I had no idea 10 years ago to this day that I would…

  • Become a licensed acupuncturist
  • Startup, build and lead two clinics
  • Move back to Minnesota
  • Fall in love with and move to Vermont
  • Write a best-selling book
  • Startup, build and lead a coaching and consulting business

And the list goes on…

What have you done in the past 10 years that has surprised you?

I became a SERIAL ENTREPRENEUR. I was already a wanderlust. :O)

And really, I’m just getting started.

But as we kick off the New Year it feels appropriate to reflect on what I’ve learned in this adventure of becoming and I’m sharing my biggest lesson of all…

The SUCCESS YOU DESIRE is locked within you.

Now I use the word success loosely, because it’s different for everyone.

Maybe you desire to…

  • Get a new leadership role within your company
  • Startup a new business
  • Develop a closer relationship with your spouse or partner
  • Work beyond your potential in to your true zone of genius
  • Make multiple six or even seven figures this year
  • Find connection and fulfillment with the success you have already achieved

Do any of these resonate for you?

Yes? Good.

Actually GREAT. Because the success you desire is available to you.

Except it’s an inward game, not an outward game.

You work on that and you win. Every time.

>> Think about that <<

Success is an inward game, not an outward game. Click To Tweet

I mean, have you ever looked wildly successful on the outside, and felt shamefully unsuccessful on the inside?

HELL YES!! That’s my answer to this question. Many. Times.

I’ve been addicted to success my entire life. The outward kind of success.

I used success to first get the attention from my parents I so desperately wanted so that ultimately I would get the love from them I so desperately needed. To be wanted. We can couch trip on that another time.

And somewhere along the way that coping mechanism turned in to a character flaw. A flaw that produced success in both my Corporate career and as an entrepreneur. So don’t get me wrong, it has served me well.

But on the other side of the coin…not so well.

I kept producing success but would stack up the accolades to the ceiling and then fall apart. Sabotaging myself in some way.  Typically by creating challenges with my health from overworking to achieve. Then I would get back up and do it all over again. Always hitting a ceiling, never breaking through.

Until I started to work on the inward game of success.

The SUCCESS YOU DESIRE is locked within you. Click To Tweet

And magically, or so it seemed at first, as I keep looking and working inward, the outward success just takes care of itself. And there is no ceiling. :O)

Now I did not need to leave my Corporate gig and start a business to figure this out. I can tell you though, that having started several businesses and logging 500+ hours coaching people to do the same has helped me to not only understand this for myself, but to help others uncover it for themselves.

Entrepreneurship is a mirror. And if you want to go the distance with no ceiling to your success, it’s a reflection you cannot ignore. So each day I challenge myself to work inward because all the success I desire is mine for the taking, and the key to achieve it is all locked inside. Thus my biggest lesson so far.

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The One Thing You Need More Than a Pretty Website, And It Costs A Lot Less

The One Thing You Need More Than a Pretty Website, And It Costs A Lot Less

I want you to have a successful business and live your passion. I want you to reach and touch more people. Because guess what, this industry isn’t growing… it’s booming! You’re in demand and I want to see you flourish! Take advantage of the opportunities out there and be a leader within this industry. But, I want to talk to you about The One Thing You Need More Than a Pretty Website, And It Costs A Lot Less!

Let’s talk about investing in your business more strategically. Let’s think about the logical steps you need to take to build a successful business when you’re first starting, versus just throwing things at the wall and hoping for the best. I’ve tried that. It’s no fun!

Maybe you’ve been in business for a year. I know there are a lot of you out there who have been at this for a while, too. Maybe you’ve started and stopped. You’re on repeat!

So you’re juggling the side hustle, along with your family at home. I get it! But I also get that you’re still committed to getting in front of your computer whenever possible. When you do that, do you find yourself saying “Okay, now what do I do, again?”

You’re looking for the steps of action!

And that’s when you pull back. Because this building building thing really scares the beejebees out of you! There is fear. It’s wasting your time. On all the wrong activities!

Or you’re wasting money on all the wrong methods, resources and content. This is where the website comes into play. You just want to get started on ANYTHING that is going to start getting results for you!

Just remember. Fear is normal! You’ve never done this before, so why would you know exactly how to do it? You’re going to experience a margin of error, so get over having to be 100% perfect all of the time. It’s just not going to all be right the first time around.

So where do you start? What action step can you take so you stop wasting time and you don’t stay stuck in the overwhelm and waste your money?

A Business Card

How crazy is that? This is a great item you need to build a successful business, especially when you’re first getting started. And it’s so much less expensive than a website! It’s something that is easily available to all of you. And it can be such a strategic item to help you get started in your business!

When I was first getting started, I was out quickly looking for spaces to rent, potentially in another practitioner’s office. I wanted my own clinic, but step one was to find the space. So right before I graduated, I was out and about, going online, looking for spaces two to three months before graduating. I wanted to find that perfect opportunity.

But I couldn’t find what I wanted. Either I didn’t respect the business owner because it wasn’t how I could see myself running a business that way, or they wanted me to sign a super restrictive contract that didn’t align with the goals I had for my business.

So I was encouraged to just start my own business!

This was when I really took the time I need to find the right space. I finally found one, but we needed to do a build out. Now, I’m graduating and it’s looking like the build out and opening for the clinic won’t be happening until November. And I’m getting stressed.

But, I have about 6 months to really get things right. Most people would focus on getting their website absolutely perfect, than twiddle their thumbs, and wait.

But I got myself a business card, instead.

I started networking and connecting with people in my community. While I certainly didn’t plan on having this six month crash course in opening my own business, it turned out to be the best thing I could have done.

That business card was key! It got me out, connecting and telling people about myself and my business before I was even ready to.

Give yourself a runway, too! Here is why I advocate for that.

I see many of you working on logos, on websites. You’re working on getting your space set up perfectly. You’ve been preparing. But than you’re open and ready, and you’re waiting for the phone to ring with new clients. And it’s not happening.

You didn’t invest any time in building your snowball! You didn’t give yourself that runway to let people know what you and your business were about! This takes time.

Magically having your website go live doesn’t flip a switch and automatically make your phone ring!

What makes it ring is the online and offline lead-generating activities, which I talked about recently. You want to be networking.

With a business card!

It’s so much less expensive and more impactful for your business in the long-run.

Of course, you DO need a website. They are really important, especially for local businesses. They can be a launching ground and where you’re driving people, no matter what type of lead-generation you’re doing. You want to make sure that website is speaking to your target market and the SEO you’re using is getting eyeballs to the pages!

But, I do think there is a strategic order when you’re first starting.

So the ultimate takeaway? Get a business card! And now I hear the objections. Things like:

  • I don’t have a logo yet
  • I haven’t decided on my business name
  • I don’t have a domain

How could it possibly make sense to go about these things in a different order, Michelle?


Those things can all be changed later easily. So what should you put on your business card?

  • Your name
  • Your phone number
  • An email address

That’s it! Make sure people have a way to contact you and get out there and network! Don’t let the self-sabotage and fear ruin it. You have to start talking to people and you need to practice talking to people!

Get comfortable with your message and talking about yourself and business. The sooner you do that, the sooner you’re going to see results, aka clients, in the door!

Of course, there are way more steps in this that I’m not able to cover in one blog, but I wanted to give you one thing that you can do right away that will be so effective in your business. And it’s cheap!

Alright, beautiful mavens! We’ll chat soon!