Do What Feels Right — Don’t Suppress Your Inner Self
Amanda Gates

Amanda Gates
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Making the Maven Episode 129: Stop trying to fit in and start BEING your authentic self.


Amanda Gates always felt like a weird kid when she was growing up. Her mother was a full-on hippy who made her own clothes, soaps, etc. All Amanda wanted to be when she was growing up was ‘normal.’ However, when she built her first dream home, she was unhappy. Nothing felt right in her house, and that’s how she found herself getting into Feng Shui and slowly becoming a closeted (and then out in the open!) hippy. Find out more about Amanda’s journey on this week’s show!

Key Insights & Aha Moments


*How did Amanda become a woo-woo hippy?

*What was Amanda doing before she became an interior designer/Feng Shui hippy?

*Amanda explains what it was like wearing her mother’s home-made clothes.

*Amanda realizes that her husband, David, is an absolute saint for putting up with all her ‘hippy sh*t’!

*Amanda was such a closeted hippy for so long that when she was finally free to express herself, it was time to focus on her legacy and how she can serve others to the best of her ability.

*As women, we tend to push down our gut reactions. We want to ‘fit in.’

*When you start getting haters, that’s when you know you’re doing something right. You are living your authentic self unapologetically.

*What is Feng Shui?

*Amanda has been doing this for 20 years; she can see everything from financial issues to affairs just by looking at your floor plans. You bring your energy with you no matter how many times you move.

*On Amanda’s podcast and website, she shows you how you can read your own floor plan.

Step Into Your Authentic Self
JP Sears

JP Sears
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Making the Maven Episode 128: Do not let fear paralyze you! Do not stop the work you are meant to do!


JP Sears is a popular YouTuber, emotional healing coach, and student of life. JP’s YouTube videos have often gone viral, reaching over millions of views. On this episode, JP Sears discusses fear, authenticity, and why you should take your own medicine when it comes to helping others. Help yourself, heal yourself, and if something doesn’t feel right, go towards the path that does.

Key Insights & Aha Moments


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*JP explains his ‘inner mother’ about the monkeys in Costa Rica.

*JP is very authentic and in touch with himself. How did it all start for him?

*When JP had been attending college for all of 3 months, he dropped out.

*Don’t stay blind to the help that you, too, might need as you try to help others.

*The real learning begins after you think you’re done learning.

*If we stop becomes of our fears, we also stop the work. You have to keep going through the fear.

*How has JP’s relationship with fear changed over the years?

*When was the last time JP said no?

*Why did JP decide to start the YouTube channel?

*When you honor your authenticity, you win every time!

*What’s JP’s next 60ft cliff that he needs to jump off of?

*JP asks me what my 60ft cliff is!

Become a Super Connector and Help More People
Scott Gerber

Scott Gerber
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Making the Maven Episode 127: Real relationships take real time and you can’t cheat real time.


Scott Gerber is the CEO of The Community Company, an organization that builds and manages community-driven programs for media companies and global brands. Scott Gerber is also the co-author of Super Connector, which is what today’s show is all about! How can you be a super connector if you’re an introvert? What’s the difference between a connector vs. a networker? All these questions answered and more on today’s episode!

Key Insights & Aha Moments


*You will want to have a pen and paper for this episode!

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*What’s Scott’s background and why did he get into networking?

*You don’t necessarily see an immediate return when you’re talking about building and creating long lasting relationships.

*Our society is so, so focused on the ‘now’ and how ‘instant’ things are. Relationships just don’t work that way.

*You can’t cheat in real time.

*Introverts actually end up being way better connectors.

*Leverage your strengths. If one-on-one conversations work for you, do that.

*Do a simple audit of yourself. Scott explains how.

*What’s the difference between a connector vs. a networker?

*How do you ‘convert’ a good relationship into a business relationship?

*If you have a bad gut feeling about someone, then it’s best that you trust it.

You’re Not Crazy, You’re Passionate
Keith Norris

Keith Norris
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Making the Maven Episode 126: There are no easy decisions in entrepreneurship with Keith Norris.


Keith Norris is the Founder and Owner of the Paleo F(x), a conference that not only focuses on the Paleo diet, but also on your physical health as well. The conference has been running consecutively for 8 years and it has grown substantially since its first event. On the show, Keith discusses the importance of setting a vision and being okay with the fact that it will change, and how he and his wife were able to prevail through hardship and achieve their dreams when it was so easy to make the excuse not to.

Key Insights & Aha Moments


*Check out Keith’s event, Paleo F(x), which will be going down April 27-29th!

*How did Keith get started in this space?

*Keith and his wife both left corporate around the same time and they set clear intentions for what they wanted their life to look like in the future.

*There were so many things happening around Keith and his wife’s life where they could have easily made an excuse not to pursue their passion but they stuck with it and kept pushing forward.

*How did Keith find the strength to keep going on when his daughter passed away?

*Keith knew he wasn’t crazy. He was passionate.

*You can’t surf on a flat sea.

*It’s important to have vision but keep in mind that your vision is going to change over time, too.

*There are no easy decisions in entrepreneurship.

*How much of a role does gratitude play in Keith’s life?

*Did Keith experience any bumps along the way when he launched Paleo F(x)?

*What kind of topics does the Paleo F(x) conference cover?

Finding My Worthiness
Lisa Carpenter

Lisa Carpenter
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Making the Maven Episode 124: Are you trying to get validation through your business?


Today’s guest is Lisa Carpenter! I know she’s such a fan favorite, which is why I’ve had her on the podcast each year. This is Lisa’s third time on the show and you guys just can’t get enough of her. Lisa is launching her very first book, so stay tuned to the end for more info! On the show, Lisa Carpenter talks about some of the struggles she had while writing her book, trying to find her worthiness in her business, and so, so much more.

Key Insights & Aha Moments


*Lisa has been on the show three times! She’s such a fan favorite.

*Lisa Carpenter has a new book out! Please, please check it out!

*Typically, Lisa tries not to work on Monday mornings or on Fridays.

*Next-level leaders understand that it’s about working on themselves that’s going to get them results.

*The journey, not the results, is the fun part.

*Why did Lisa decide to write a book?

*Lisa believes you should always ask for help. She definitely couldn’t write this book on her own and is so glad she found someone knowledgeable to help her.

*Lisa already had a local following, so when she launched her online business and course, and literally heard crickets, it was discouraging.

*The road to passive income is not passive. These things take time.

*Lisa was constantly searching for her worthiness in her business, but she realized that her business would never fulfill that hole for her.

*How do you want to feel every single day?

*Lisa hated asking for help and she knew she had to challenge herself on this.

*Stop hiding, stop trying to be a perfectionist, and put your work out into the world.

*Have the courage to strip down your personal story, question your beliefs, and allow new information to rise above you. Challenge yourself.

*We are unique and smart individuals, but we are avoiding the things that are making us uncomfortable, and this is why we struggle to grow.

*Have any questions for Lisa? Feel free to reach out to her!

*And don’t forget: Be kind to yourself.