Build Your List the Right Way

Build Your List the Right Way | Maven Mini

This week’s guest did such a great job on list-building and focusing on her clients and talking about how to Build Your List the Right Way. I’ve talked about this before, I’d do this so differently if I was just starting out! I’d put much more emphasis on building that list! I just can’t impart this on you enough! It’s the place where you continue to build a relationship with your audience. It’s great to spend time on social media and hang out with your peeps. But what if that all changes tomorrow? If you have your list, you’re still able to interact with them and reach out!

If you’re out networking… that’s great! But how do you continue to cultivate that relatihsionship after time if you don’t have them in your list? You need to build that like and trust factor with after making that personal connection. The answer is in your list!

Build Your List the Right Way


Everybody needs to be focusing on networking and cultivating relationships. Money is in the list! Sell to your list by creating the content and offers they are asking about from you.

Believe it or not, when it comes to your list, size doesn’t matter! I’d rather you have a couple hundred people who are opening the emails and being engaged, than having a couple thousand who never open a thing. Don’t focus on the number of people you have, focus on engagement.

First goal is to get people to open that email! Test subject lines. Resend to people who didn’t open with different subject lines. They need to grab your audience!

Include a call to action in the P.S. area of your email and make sure you keep things casual and fun! Be you and be authentic!

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What’s Your Treatment Plan

What’s Your Treatment Plan | Maven Mini

Happy Thursday to you beautiful Mavens! This week I’m musing on what an effective treatment plan looks like for your wellness business. Confidence is so important when setting a treatment plan based on getting results. It’s all about what is best for the client and for you! So What’s Your Treatment Plan?

Have you ever wondered how many treatment sessions you should offer clients and how long you should work with them? If you’re a health coach, you might be wondering what to do. Today’s episode will enlighten your thinking! How do you package your offerings?

Recently, I was interviewed by Modern Acupuncture Marketing on this exact topic, and I thought it was so great, why not chat with you guys about it, as well!

What’s Your Treatment Plan


So what is the appropriate course of treatment that you should offer your clients for getting the best results? Once a week, twice per month, for 3 months or 6 months? Are you fearful of asking a client to come in twice per week for fear they’ll say no?

Well, there really is no magic answer. Ultimately, it depends on you. You’re the expert!

What I discovered in my own practice in a clinical perspective, whatever you chose should be the course of treatment that gets them the best results.

You’re doing your clients a disservice if you don’t tell them exactly what they need to do to get the best results.

And PLEASE don’t be afraid to ask clients to come more often because of their pocketbook. At the end of the day, they’re coming to you to get results and don’t care what they’re paying , as long as you’re getting them a positive outcome!

Continue to think about this. There is really no overall frequency you should be doing, it’s more about structuring what you offer in a way that gives you and the patient confidence and delivers results the quickest! Don’t live in fear!

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Getting Your Business Started The Right Way

Getting Your Business Started The Right Way | Maven Mini

Let’s go back to getting started in your business. I’m hearing it everywhere right now and I want to make sure that I’m being as clear as I can be on what you can focus on that will actually start bringing you in money as soon as possible!

When it comes to getting your wellness business started, how should you go about marketing yourself to prospective clients? What are you doing right now to do that? I know that many of you are struggling with all of the ideas that you hve in your head, but how or where do you REALLY take action?

Getting Your Business Started The Right Way

The simplest answer I can tell you on how to get your business started the right way is to just take action! Any action! Something that moves you into the direction of clients! Typically, I see three things happen where people are unable to move forward.

  1. Some of you stay frozen in fear.
  2. You tend to get caught on the hamster wheel of collecting information, but you’re not actually doing anything with it.
  3. You are taking action, but doing it on the wrong things. Spending time on items like business operational activities or administrative items won’t bring in clients!

Soooo… as uncomfortable as it may be, the very first thing you need to do is to put that business owner hat on! Get focused on sales and marketing.! I REPEAT, focus on sales and marketing! Because when it all comes down to it, if you don’t have any clients, all of the operational stuff you’re spinning your wheels on doesn’t even matter!

Trust me, I understand you want to have an online presence. But obsessing over the preparation of having a beautiful and perfect online space doesn’t matter since nobody is even searching for you! Bottom line, it’s a nice to have, not a need to have!

So get started on your business the Maven Way – work on client generating activities! Get your butt out of the seat and start talking to people about you and your business! Focus on meetings and placing yourself in front of potential clients, set clear goals on action items to work on, create a comprehensive marketing plan to attract your ideal client and be consistent!

DON’T STRESS over colors, logos, websites, copy for website, surfing the internet, getting all free downloads or info, etc. Be targeting, consistent and aligned! You’ll quickly be focusing your time on the right activities instead of going nowhere!

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Online Business or Local, Which Is Better

Online Business or Local, Which Is Better | Maven Mini

I had a really great question from one of my beautiful members of the free facebook community. Claudia was wondering Online Business or Local, Which Is Better? If you already have both of those things going for you, which is better? From her perspective, they’re both very different. Since I have experience with both of those two worlds, I would agree with her. However, to come a little bit full circle on that thought, I do believe there are a lot more similarities than we realize.

Online Business or Local, Which Is Better

So, to get a little clearer on this thought. When you just have a local business, it’s still pretty important to have an online presence. You’re obviously focusing on being a better pillar in the community, and networking more one-on-one, but it’s still important to have a website, or at least be on Facebook. I mean, everyone is on Facebook, which means you have to be on the top of their minds.

Now, if you’re going to have a virtual model for your business, there’s always a big, big emphasis on creating your presence online. However, I think it’s just as important to create your presence locally, too. You don’t need to emphasize it as strongly as if you had a brick & mortar business, but word of mouth spreads like fire, and can really help you excel in your online business too! These are where I see the most similarities between the two.

So, which one is better? You know, I don’t think it’s an either/or situation. I think it’s more about understanding what type of business that you want, and how you want to structure it to meet your lifestyle goals!

Set Your Boundaries

Set Your Boundaries! | Maven Mini

One of my dear clients is a health coach, and is thinking about seeing clients only on Wednesday and Sunday. She’s currently working a full-time job, and is worried that only working these two days will put off some of her clients. Of course, she wants to keep her boundaries, but at the same time, perhaps she should become more flexible/available for her clients. So what is the best way Set Your Boundaries?

For me personally, I believe it’s important to set your boundaries right away. When you set strong boundaries, you will attract the right types of people you want to work with. So, if you only want to work Wednesdays and Sundays? Then do that! Since this is your business, you are more than able to run things your way! And you know what happens? Your clients will conform to your business schedule and will show up.

I just want to share one more example before we end today’s Maven Mini. These boundary issues seem to show up in the different ways. So, another client of mine is in the acupuncture business, and is working part-time on it. After digging into her business a little bit, I found out she was seeing clients at all times of the day, and at any day of the week. There were no boundaries!

As you can imagine, she was having some challenges with this schedule. For one, she never got a break! I highly discourage this. SET YOUR HOURS. If you don’t, then you’re going to find yourself having an impossible schedule, and your business will slowly begin to own you, instead!