The Key to Generating Referrals to Double Your Income

The Key to Generating Referrals to Double Your Income

Let’s face it. Money isn’t a bad thing! It allows you to do whatever it is that you desire and of course, deserve, in your business! But, it can also help you reach and touch more people and can be a tool for you! And if you’re in the wellness business, you clearly got into this in the first place because of your deep passion to end the struggle for other people. You also want to create more accessibility to show them how they have the ability to heal themselves, as well. So what is The Key to Generating Referrals to Double Your Income?

So, your inability to make money can prevent you from doing all of these things.

I want to talk to you about the one thing you can do to generate referrals, which will lead you to double your revenue. Just one thing!


I had a client at my community acupuncture clinic. She was that one perfect, ideal client! You know the one. You see their name in your appointment book and you just smile, looking forward to seeing them. Well, she ultimately taught me how to teach my clients to bring me referrals and better yet? To bring better referrals in a really powerful way.

It starts with asking.

This client helped me to tune into behaviors, which really stood out to me. I than began to notice these behaviors in other clients, as well. She would always ask me how my business was doing. We’d talk about acupuncture and how it was helping her and than she’d often ask me something like this, “I was talking to this lady at work and mentioned to her about the clinic, do you think you could help her with (fill in the blank)?”

She would always ask for my business cards. Every time she came in. She continued to exhibit this behavior consistently and it stuck with me. It made me see some key elements that would really make a powerful referral relationship with clients work!

But here is the thing. Referrals always start with ‘the ask’. Not all clients will ask about your business and want to pass out your cards, so it takes you asking to get the ball rolling.

Obviously, without a really positive client experience, it will be hard to move forward with this. So, make sure you are thinking about and facilitating an awesome client experience! Work on providing those amazing outcomes for them!

I know you’re afraid. I know you may struggle with what to say and how to say it.

So we’re going to work on making ‘the ask’ a skillset, which you can learn!

There are three things to know to make ‘the ask’:


1. Allow or look for the opportunity when the client opens the door

So my ideal client from above would always ask me, “How’s business Michelle? How are things going?” When I tuned into this, I started using it as my opener. I also noticed it with other clients. When they would ask about my business or how things were going, I would use it to make ‘the ask’. What better time?!

In the beginning I would say, “we’re growing, I’m still looking to grow my business and would really appreciate your referral!” The door opened right up for me to ask and I started taking advantage of that!

As my business grew, I would have clients comment about how busy I was and how many people were in the waiting room. Or they were struggling to get a spot on my calendar. That was another door being opened for me! That’s when I would say something like, “Yes, we’ve grown so much since you were first coming in, we really appreciate your business, but always looking for more people and would appreciate any referral you can send our way!”

Boom. It’s that easy to ask.

2. Reinforce It

Reinforce that initial ask by making sure that before they left, they have a took in their hands! Don’t just leave it at that initial ask. Reinforce your initial conversation by offering to give them a few business cards to take with them.

Now you’re talked with them twice! Once when they came in and again, on their way out.

3. Empower the Client

People may not know what acupuncture is or don’t know who to send to you. They’re not sure if you could help someone they may refer and they don’t want to look stupid. So, empower them and help them understand who would be a great referral to you!

Let them know that a great referral to you would be someone who is experiencing the same exact thing that you are treating them for. They know the people in their circle who suffer from similar things, and you’ll be empowering them by just letting them know what a great referral would be.

Your clients are a walking testimonial!

Don’t leave it up to them to have to explain acupuncture or whatever it is that you may do to people they encounter.

And don’t forget to thank them!

One question I get asked a lot is if you should have a referral program. Ultimately, this is what I think about referral programs.

For me, I want to deliver and awesome experience for my clients. I want to give them amazing outcomes and would love for them to spread the word about me and my business.

But I don’t want to have to incentivize them to do that.

It just doesn’t feel good to me.

Ultimately, think about what feels best to you, what matches your integrity and what you value for you and your business!

You got this!

How to Increase Your Email Response Rate

How to Increase Your Email Response Rate

Making Money. This isn’t a dirty word, it’s what you need! It’s what you want in your business to reach the level of success you’re looking for, desire and deserve! When you learn How to Increase Your Email Response Rate, you’ll be taking action to make that money!

Today I want to talk to you about how you can grow your email response rates by 10 times, simply by nurturing your leads. There are statistics out there on this! Instead of just shooting emails at them week after week, how about showing them around a little bit? When they come to you and join your email list, nurture and build a relationship with them. But how?

Think about it. When you invite someone over to your home for the first time, you don’t say, “Come over for dinner at 6pm” and just leave the door open with a little Post-It note on it telling them to come in and show themselves around! You greet them and probably give them a little tour and maybe put a drink in their hand.

Nurturing your email list is the exact same thing.

Another great example is dating. When you first date someone, in the beginning of your relationship what do you think would happen if you have a first date, than don’t hear from someone again for another week or two? Or three? They’re probably off your list.

You were so excited and were the most interested in them after that first date. What did you want to happen? You want them to call you the next day. The same is true with your email list.

Simply nurturing your email list gets results and is an answer for How to Increase Your Email Response Rate!


Say you’ve got an opt-in on your website. You’ve got a specific call-to-action that says “Join my email list” or “Download this awesome freebie”. That’s fabulous!

But do you have any kind of email sequence behind this to build the relationship? To date them, per se? I know what you’re thinking…

”I have no idea how to do that! What do I say or what to send them? I thought it was pretty damn good that I had an opt-in on my website to begin with!”

This is where we’re going to dig in. I want to share with you what your nurture sequence might look like so you can implement it today in your business model. When you property nurture the relationship with your new leads, you WILL get 10 times the email response rates!

You want to send out about four to six emails over a one to two week time period!

I know this feels uncomfortable. You don’t want to bother people, but I promise you that when you nurture the relationship, it will be worth it.

Think about that first date! That person wants you to give them a call. They want to hear from you and so do your leads because they’re giving you their name and email address for a reason! This is when they are the most interested in you and they want to hear more!

What should be in those emails?


Day Zero –

This is when they opt-in, You’re going to send them a nice welcome message and deliver whatever the freebie was that you offered. A nice general email with a download link will do the trick.

Day Three –

Send them a story. Relate to them. Show them that you understand how they might be feeling. Also, remind them to grab that freebie download in case they haven’t had a chance to check it out yet.

Day Four –

Show them that you can actually solve their problem. Whatever their struggle is, show them examples of things you have done.

Day Seven –

Deliver Proof. Build up that authority status, the trust factor, with this new lead. Provide a potential case study. Offer testimonials.

Day Ten –

Introduce the next step by inviting them in for a free consult. A complimentary call.

Day Eleven –

Give them a last chance offer.

This is a very tactical example of how over four to six emails within a one to two week period, you can begin to nurture and build the relationship.

Remember… you’re just starting to “date”. They’re interested and they want to hear from you!

This type of nurture sequence will help you gain 10 times the response that you are getting now. You will start getting people who WANT to take action! Once they sign up for that free consult, now you have a very warm lead that you’ll have an easier time converting into a client.

It’s as simple as that! Take action today!

Avoid This Costly Mistake with One Simple Step

Avoid This Costly Mistake with One Simple Step

Making money, the money that you desire and deserve for the level of success that you want in your wellness business is a good thing! It’s not just a good thing for you, it’s a good thing for your clients and for our industry. You’ll be able to reach and touch more people and this is why I’m so passionate about showing you how to make money in your wellness business! That’s why it’s so important to Avoid This Costly Mistake with One Simple Step.

Today, I want to discussed trusted advisors that will save you time and money. I talk about this in my best selling book, Unstoppable: Strategies to Launch and Grow your Holistic Practice. Grab yourself a copy today!

A costly mistake many business owners make? Waiting to hire experts until the moment they need them and than they are desperate.

What’s the simple step you can do to avoid this costly mistake? Identify trusted advisors early on, develop relationships with them and when the need arises, you’ll already have a strong relationship in place to go to them for counsel.

Examples? Tax advisors, legal advisors, financial advisors, or even just simple business advisors to help you through different scenarios in your business!

When I first got started with my clinic right out of school, I was looking all over for the perfect place. I wanted to sublease but really struggled finding that one perfect location. First, I didn’t want a long commute, I wanted to respect the business owner and wanted to be able to do business my own way. I longed for an environment that reflected how I wanted to represent myself.

A lot of things I saw I didn’t like, which helped me understand more clearly what I did want. Than I found the perfect place. The problem? It was all the way across town, but I was ready to sign a contract.

That’s right, a contract! Now don’t get me wrong, contracts are a good thing. But here’s what a lot of practitioners do. They get a contract, don’t read most of it, don’t understand most of it and sign it. That’s the wrong thing to do!

What I did was I had my trusted advisor, my attorney, read it for me. I didn’t want to get into any relationships that would harm me long-term. Which is interesting, because it turned out to be a pretty hefty contract and I needed to know what kind of restrictions I was going to have placed on me down the road!

What I learned? My attorney saved me time and money in the long run, because that contract was extremely restrictive. Nothing in it was in my favor. Remember above, though, where I said I was really excited about this place?

I went to the owner with requested edits and they said no. So now I was so torn about this, because I had struggled for so long to find a place I loved, but I knew this contract was going to restrict me in the long run. It really squashed my excitement and I wasn’t sure what to do.

I talked to my attorney about it at length, when he planted something in my head that I had already heard a million times from my husband, “Why aren’t you just starting your own thing? It’s what you want anyways and you’re more than capable of doing it.”

Best. Advice. Ever.

Initially, I felt like I needed to go out and get more experience before I opened my own business. But this new plan put me on a completely different trajectory and made me do a complete 360.

As you may have guessed, I turned that contract down, never looked back and found my own clinic space to open.

All that being said, my goal is to really have you think about the power of having trusted advisors in your business. They will save you time and money!

Which takes me back to the power of contracts. I’ve had them with all of my relationships in my business, whether it’s an employee relationship, contractor relationship, sublease relationship, etc. I want to talk about this in more detail, as I’ve recently had a conversation with a client who was looking to sublease space at another clinic.

Contracts clearly define the relationship for you. It’s like a tool that makes sure and allows you to talk about all of the things up-front in the relationship and how they’ll work. What is expected on both sides? How will you handle it if things don’t go well? It’s a good thing to know up front, because you want to have open communication, which a contract will facilitate.

Clearly, I’m not an attorney and I’m not giving you legal advice. It’s just something I feel strongly that I want you to think about. And this is where a trusted advisor you already have a strong relationship with will be priceless.

What do I coach my clients to be looking for?

  1. Everything is negotiable

Just because something is worded a certain way in a contract, doesn’t mean you can’t negotiate for something else. It’s just a starting point for you to have a conversation. Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want and what will work best for you.

For example, if you’re just starting your practice and are looking to sublease from another clinician, is it important to negotiate a lower rental rate for the first few months? It may help to alleviate some of that financial pressure. It may be possible, but you’ll need to find a way to make it a win/win for both parties. Bring a solution to the table!

  1. Make sure you know what is included and what is not included.

These are the types of things you want to make sure are documented in a contract. There are so many elements that you’ll want to know where you stand with, such as:

  • Internet access
  • Utilities
  • Linen services for message or acupuncture
  • Room Cleaning
  • Supplies
  • Access to their front desk support
  • Marketing materials
  • Furnished or unfurnished

Who is doing what, in regards to the above items? Make sure you clearly understand what is included and what is not included and that it is documented in a contract.

  1. Does the business owner you are subleasing from have approval from the landlord to sublease space?

If they do not even have the proper approval to begin with, it may become a big problem if the landlord finds out. Can you imagine spending time to develop a practice and now you’re going to get booted out? This is a real possibility, so find out what the answer is so you can cover yourself. Simply ask, “You’re subleasing this room to me, do you have approval in your contract with the landlord to do that?”

  1. Find out what type of business insurance you’ll need to match what the landlord requires of their tenant

You may need to have a larger policy than normal to cover things. You’ll need to understand what the added expense could be for you.

  1. Ask about Exclusivity

If you’re investing your time, particularly if you’re just getting started, ask for exclusivity. That means that they aren’t going to hire or add any additional wellness practitioners into their space, because obviously, you’re working on building your own business there.

Don’t forget… it doesn’t hurt to ask and everything is negotiable!

Trust advisors absolutely will save you time and money. They are the first people I call when I’m starting something new in my business adventure. These people will give you the guidance and advice needed, so make sure you identify who these people are!

Creating Value is More Important Than Discounts

Creating Value is More Important Than Discounts

I’m here for you today to once again work on helping you make money in your wellness business. Money is important, right?! But Creating Value is More Important Than Discounts! Being able to grow and make the money you desire and deserve is critical in order for you to be able to reach and touch more people. I want you to be the beautiful healer that you want to be, which in turn, will help you create a greater impact in this world!

Let’s dig in. I want you to know that you need to stop discounting your services and start selling your value! Big words! Here are some of the most common myths that I hear over and over:

Myth #1 – You believe that if you lower your price, you will get more clients.

When you drop your price by $5 or $10, you magically believe clients will be pounding down the door! But if you are struggling to get leads and are having a hard time getting people to come in for return visits, I promise you it has nothing to do with a $5 discount.

Myth #2 – The average price in your area is lower than what you are charging.

Let’s say the average price is $5, $10, $15 less than you. You’ve took a look around town and you know you to lower your price to reach the level of success others are seeing. AKA… you need to make more money in your business! Nope. Same issue. Don’t cave!

Myth #3 – Because you’re a new practitioner, you need to discount your services.

Wrong! You may think you don’t have the ability to charge full price for services you offer because you’re new. Somehow, you now are charging less than other practitioners in the area, meaning you’re giving yourself less value. Nuh-uh… doesn’t work that way!

Myth #4 – If you increase your price, your current clients are going to leave.

This just means you’re frozen in fear. You know you’re not keeping up with the average cost of living increases in your area, but you’re afraid of raising those rates. You think that if you even raise it $5 or $10, everyone is going to leave.

I absolutely know that this isn’t true because over and over, I’ve worked with my clients to increase their prices and guess what? Now they’re making the money they want! Maybe one of two clients left, but that just means it wasn’t their ideal client! And their increase made up for the ones that left and they were able to bring on even more quality clients who were fine with the prices!

All of these myths above are totally misguided!

These excuses may even make you feel better to say that pricing is the issue. You can attach this “fact” that you’re not getting the results you want because of money. It’s the easy out! But it’s not serving you well.

It has more to do with the fact that you don’t see your own value!

It’s one of two things. People aren’t coming to you because there is a $5 or $10 difference. They come to you because you deliver. If they see value, price doesn’t matter! Or, you are hearing objections around pricing from clients. That may be because they don’t understand the value that you bring to the table!

Either you aren’t seeing your value or they’re not receiving it. Which is it?

Now, it’s a communication issue. If you have one client in your business that is complaining all of the time, they may just be really price sensitive and they may not be the ideal client for you. The majority of people in your business more than likely don’t feel this way.

Discounting doesn’t solve the problem!

A client who pays more is more invested in the outcome. So, if you’re trying to woo people in by giving them half off, they may not be fully invested, which will make it easy for them to walk away after that first try.

But I know that you want to get people the outcomes they are looking for! You want to create and facilitate that transformation for them! Therefore, you’re actually doing them a disservice by giving them a discount!

Own the value. Communicate the value. Charge for your value.

But how?

You may remember my story about my embarrassing ice skating story, where I hit wet ice, slipped and got a spiral fracture of the tibia? Well, it was a monstrous recovery, to say the least. I have a lot of fear around Western medicine and didn’t like having all of the chemicals and medications in my body.

I remember breaking down.

I was doing everything right, and was also starting to go into an acupuncturist. I was going to school for it, right?! But when I got into the clinic, I remember totally breaking down. I totally lost it.

And my professor told me, “You know, Michelle? This is a gift! This is a gift that you’re going to bring to your patients.”


Years later I look back on this, I know exactly what he meant. Now that I am experiencing other people’s struggles and their pain, it was such an invaluable lesson for me to go through. It is now one of the hundreds of things I can bring to the table because my personal experience as a patient makes me a better practitioner!

You have these things, too. You want to help people! You have a big heart!

I have a client who knows her stuff and is confident about helping her niche. She has the ability between her acupuncture and her herbal medicine to solve a client’s problem quickly and get amazing results. But she didn’t initially see the value in this!

You need to stop and think about what your value is and own it. Uncover the different aspects of what makes you special, unique and different. Communicate that out to the marketplace! When you are able to do that, price doesn’t matter!

This is when discounting has no place in your practice!

Take action now and think about five really unique aspects to who you are or what you can do. Things beyond your credentials! That’s what is going to get you to stop discounting and start selling your value!

That’s what I want you to take away!

The Perfect Intro

The Killer Intro

Let me break it down for you. I help people like you make Money in Wellness! I’m passionate about healers and practitioners just like you, because you have literally changed my life! I’ve had my own health struggles and you are the ones who have brought me back to wellness! And let me tell you, The Killer Intro can make all the difference!

That is what drives me. Now it’s my time to return the favor, to help you flourish and to help you reach and touch more people. I want to shift the perspective around the idea of making money and that it is negative. That is just not true!

Your success and ability to make money and grow your business actually allows you to reach and touch more people! Don’t limit yourself!

I want to prepare you to put yourself out there in front of potential clients or partners! I want to boost your confidence, which will boost your sales.

Boost Your Sales with The Killer Intro!

I had a recent client who chatted with me about her strengths and weaknesses. She told me that she was really great at writing, but the thought of doing a speaking event makes her want to die. She’d be up all night tossing and turning with anxiety and pleaded with me to not make her do anything like that. We can all relate to that, correct?

What I loved is that while she admitted she wasn’t great at one thing, she also made that connection with something that she was really good at!

But she also admitted that she’s struggling to be clear in her message and get that message out to potential clients. She’s struggling to explain exactly what she does to the person sitting across from her and not see the person’s eyes glaze over.

It’s not just starting the conversation or communicating her message concisely, it’s also difficult for her to advance the conversation when someone wants more information. She’s lost about how to go about having that sales conversation!

The reason I’m discussing this is because I want you to know you’re not alone!

This is the real deal. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve owned your business. I’ve met practitioners 5 years, 10 years down the line who are still struggling to make money because they haven’t nailed down that foundation yet.

I want to break this down for you today so you can confidently show up and introduce yourself. You need that clear message or everything else after that breaks down, correct?! Stop talking in circles!

You are the expert. You need to sound like you know what you do! Nobody wants to leave a conversation with somebody who isn’t sounding confident and doesn’t sound like they know what they are talking about. That is NOT a way to get a new client!

One time I even had a client tell me that she doesn’t even know what the heck she does. Now if that is not a sobering moment, I don’t know what is!

I want to put the mirror up in front of you.

I want to put some sort of a framework together for you, a recipe, if you will, of what to say so you’re prepared the next time you find yourself in this conversation. I don’t want you to fumble.

You’re never going to find yourself in another sales conversation because nobody is going to want to work with somebody who doesn’t sound confident or sound like an expert in their field.

Preparing before you go into that meeting is going to boost your confidence, which will ultimately increase your sales. That’s the goal, right?!

So how should you prepare?

You start with a framework. A recipe. You don’t have to follow it exactly, but you need some place consistent to start. I don’t want to see you become a robot because that’s not doing anyone any favors, either.

There are four key elements I want you to use when you are introducing yourself.

  1. Think about Who Your Target Audience Is

Make sure you identify who your target is and what you want your ideal client to look like. You have to identify this before you can build your introduction!

  1. Figure Out How to Speak to One of Their Pain Points

A lot of times we tend to make an introduction that is all about us, but you want to make it all about them! That’s the key! That is a key. Know what they struggle with and rehearse how to speak to it so they can identify you as an expert.

  1. Talk About The Amazing Outcome You Offer, Not Your Service

Don’t start telling them about the history of acupuncture. Eyes start to glaze over. Tell them what you can do for them! What can you do to provide relief to their pain point? What kind of difference can you make in their life?

  1. Speak To Their Ultimate Desire

Somebody doesn’t just want to lose weight. They want to lose weight so they can look awesome on their upcoming vacation or so they can play with better endurance with their kids. People want things for a deeper desire!

Let me give you an example of what would be a great introduction:

“Hi, my name is Michelle. I work with professional working women who are struggling to keep that youthful glow. I offer facial acupuncture and it helps you avoid the Botox phenomenon, while at the same time, reducing find lines and wrinkles. I can help improve your skin’s elasticity and ultimately give you that youthful glow you so deeply desire! This won’t only slow down the aging process, but you can literally turn back the clock!”

Get it? That is so much more interesting and now people know exactly what you do and whom you do it for.

Make it emotional. Make it personal.

Making it about them and not you is going to boost your confidence, their trust and will ultimately increase your sales.

xx Michelle