Guest interviews are by invitation only

If you have already been invited to be a guest on She’s Talking Back, please schedule a convenient time to record your interview.

Interviews require one full hour so we have plenty of time to record and deal with any potential tech issues.

Please make sure to completely fill out the guest registration form below so we have all the information needed to promote you on our show and create any follow-up articles and social posts.

If you have any questions, send us an email at

Here’s What You Can Expect

A few more tidbits to help ensure your interview is top notch:

  • Recording Session

    We will record both audio and video for this interview so arrive camera ready!

  • Recording Link

    Once you confirm below the day and time of your interview, we will send an automated confirmation which includes a Zoom Meeting link.

  • Recording Mic

    Tip: Use a separate microphone from your computer as this will product the best sound quality.

  • Interview Flow

    Michelle does not follow a set of questions, instead she follows each individual interview where space opens based on chemistry with each guest. You can expect questions such as:

    • Share a time when you followed your intuition as a leader even when the decision went against popular opinion and all reason.
    • Describe a time when you broke something in your organization that appeared to be working so that you could open the doors to creativity and get to the next level of growth.
    • How does self doubt show up for you at this stage in your career?

Let’s get you scheduled!