Solving Cash Flow Challenges in Business | Brandy Lawson

Untitled designEntrepreneurs seem to approach generating cash flow all wrong.

Brandy Lawson is a common-sense problem solver and second generation entrepreneur. She has been in business for herself over the past four years and had a career in corporate America previously. Brandy is a tech-savvy chick and offers some great advice on why entrepreneurs should always have a password manager. Brandy also sheds light on some common problems/challenges entrepreneurs face on a day-to-day basis and how you can solve them. I love, love Brandy’s advice and I hope you do too! Listen in for more.

Key Insights & Aha Moments

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*Brandy is a tech chick.

*Why should you have a password manager?

*One of the biggest contributors to Brandy’s success has been having a business coach.

*Brandy loves the WordPress community.

*Community is impactful both for individuals and for businesses.

*You need a business best friend. It’s a little different than a coach and a community.

*The evolution doesn’t stop as a business owner.

*Brandy’s parents opened a restaurant the same year she was born. She has seen what the ‘inside’ looks like.

*Cash flow is one of the biggest challenges entrepreneurs have to face.

*You can solve your cash flow problem by identifying your target market.

*Who are the clients you’re talking to and what are you helping them with?

*Are you overwhelmed? Well, that’s because you haven’t figured out how technology can strategically serve your business.

*Now that you have clients, who are your ideal clients?

*Have an exit strategy for your not-so-ideal clients.

*If it’s not a right fit, then it’s just not the right fit. Don’t waste your time!

Maven Moment

What really stood out to me in Brandy’s interview was narrowing your focus away from money and on your target market instead. This solves so many cash flow problems, but it can be hard to see when you’re too focused on generating more money to keep the business afloat! A bit of a Catch 22, I know, but I hope you stay tuned for Brandy’s interview and get a more in-depth explanation on how to get out of this loop.

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