Growing Your Online Business One Step at a Time | Haley Lynn Gray

Haley shares some amazing tips on how you can grow your online business.

Haley Lynn Gray is a business consultant and the founder of Leadership Girl. I think this line from her website states really clearly what Haley does and why she has resonated with me so much:

“You went into business for yourself to be your own boss, have time with your family and make more money. The only problem is that you don’t know how to get clients to bring in money, which leads to spinning your wheels. More often than not, it also means more time in front of the computer than when you were in corporate.”

Haley just has a ‘make it work, no matter what’ attitude and I just love that about her. She has so much knowledge to bring to the table and I hope you enjoy today’s interview with her! If you want to know how to grow your business online, then this is definitely the show for you to listen to. Don’t forget to grab your pen and paper! You will need it.

Key Insights & Aha Moments

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*Why did Haley start an online business? Her friend was doing it and she saw the amazing possibilities.

*Blogging has its place, but it can’t be the sole force that’s building your business.

*Look at other opportunities like guest blogging.

*People love having guest bloggers on their blog.

*There are lower hanging fruits that you can get if your purpose is to make money. Blogs take time.

*How do you become a guest blogger? Approach your favorite bloggers and ask them!

*How is running an online business different from a location-based business? You’re anonymously contacting your customers.

*Online business owners are more vulnerable and have more authentic posts.

*What are some of the challenges of starting an online business? People ignore you.

*You have to go out and build your tribe one by one.

*What social media platforms are you going to use? What’s your budget? Who’s your tribe?

*Not everyone is an overnight success. Remember, it takes time to build your audience.

*It takes roughly 500-1000 Facebook posts in a variety of different groups over the course of 2-3 months for people to even notice you.

*You really have to put yourself out there.

*What size does your list have to be before you create your own product/online course? At least a couple of thousand active subscribers on your list.

*These numbers are important just to give you a starting point on what you should aim for.

*Haley has been feeding and watering her tribe for a very long time. She spends a lot of time cultivating relationships.

*Find the social media platforms that work for you.

*You can use Twitter to promote your webinars.

*Michelle struggled to find a community when she started her business.

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Maven Moment

Haley is just so knowledgeable and she has taught me a lot on today’s show. I think what stood out the most for me was that I didn’t realize you could use Twitter to promote your webinars and other products. I feel like not a lot of people are very focused on using Twitter as a sales funnel and Haley just opened my eyes to the possibilities of using Twitter in combination with webinars. I cannot wait to try it out for myself!

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