Three Common Myths to Creating an Online Business | Maven Mini

podcast-cover-finalSince I get the lovely opportunity to talk to you all week after week, I often hear common myths that just seem to keep reappearing. If you’re new to creating an online business, then you’ll definitely want to listen in. Let me help you debunk the myths and break you out of the mold!

Myth Number One: Not Being Enough

As I was talking to one of my clients today, one of her concerns was that she didn’t have enough experience. This concern comes up with my clients more often than you may think, but don’t underplay your talents! Remind yourself that you have more than enough to offer. It doesn’t matter what age, credentials, or even how many years of experience you have. You are enough and people need you!

Myth Number Two: People Can’t Afford My Services

You want to serve people and you don’t want money to be an issue. I get that, but let me just tell you right now that this is a lie. This is absolutely not true. People can afford your services! People will pay for what they value. If you forget about everything in this show, just remember that: People will pay for what they value.

Myth Number Three: Not Targeting a Certain Niche

People don’t want to target a specific niche because they feel it’s not relevant, not enough people are doing it, or there’s not a lot of money in it. Yes, I do believe in market research and I do believe you should cater to your target audience.

However, I do not believe there has to be a current model out there for it to work. You can think outside the box to determine how you want to market yourself, so do not let that be a deterring factor to your success. Don’t do something because you think there’s going to be more money in other niches. Do what resonates the most with you. Serve the people YOU want to serve.