Why Community Is Critical for Growing Your Business Online | Maven Mini

podcast-cover-finalOne of the common mistakes I see people making is that they’re trying to create their business alone. As entrepreneurs, we’re wearing many different hats and this can be extremely overwhelming. People try to set up roadblocks for themselves as well. I hear statements like, ‘if only I had an MBA’ or ‘I need a PhD for that’. It doesn’t take a fancy business class for you to get started!

Participating in a community will not only bring you down from needing that fancy degree, but it will also give you the courage and the confidence you need to get out there! Remember, we all need support. Building a business is filled with ups and downs and our family/friends might not be able to offer the best support. Instead of putting all that pressure on one person, like your spouse, you can now look for support in a community of people who have already been there! How great does that sound?

A community is also an excellent networking opportunity and a way to build stronger connections with others. So there are many facets to why you should join. I honestly believe you shouldn’t knock it until you try it and the encouragement/support will honestly blow you away once you do!

I wrote an article about the five key ways to grow your community online, featured on the Huffington Post. Please check it out and let me know what you think!