Everyone Has to Face the Challenge of Changing | Dr. Danielle Eaton

We sometimes ignore the warning signs because we’re too afraid to face change.

Danielle EatonDr. Danielle Eaton is currently a mentor and coach for moms and she is a former chiropractic doctor. Danielle says that she only had one vision of what success looked like for her and it took a toll on her mind and body. She saw the warning signs beforehand, but she admits on the show that she was afraid to change and face the additional challenges that would lead to a better quality life.

Key Insights & Aha Moments

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*Danielle became a mom right before she went to chiropractic school.

*Danielle believed if she wasn’t working hard, then she wasn’t going to be successful.

*Unfortunately, Danielle had a miscarriage and when she became pregnant again, she wasn’t going to put her work before her body.

*When Danielle sold her practice, she still had three other jobs at the time.

*It was all largely fear-based for Danielle. She felt like she had to do this.

*So many people believed there’s only one level of success.

*Danielle didn’t want to face the challenge of changing.

*How did Danielle bring her business online?

*Danielle’s friends and family don’t really know what she does online, so she’s been re-educating them.

*Danielle says video has really helped with her marketing approach.

*Remember everyone, there are a few different ways you can structure your business.

*How did Danielle decide to structure her business? She picked one that would work best with her lifestyle.

*Danielle helps lay the groundwork for what moms want in their lives first so that they can build better businesses.

*Final piece of advice: Get really clear on what you want for yourself and who you want to help.

Maven Moment

Danielle is not afraid to bring forward a truly honest story of what she has been through. Danielle admits that she had a miscarriage and she firmly believes it was because she was taking care of the business first and her body second. I’ve mentioned on the show before, but as healers, we always try to put our clients first and everything else second. The reality is we have to take care of our mind, body, soul, and spirit before we can truly help others.

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