The Number One Thing That Will Change Your Business Forever! You Ready for This? | Maven Mini

050 miniDo you want to know the number one thing that will change your business forever? It’s the follow-up! Yeah! I know it’s not sexy, but it will make a huge, huge, HUGE difference in your business. This really gets missed for most business owners. The follow-up is critical to your success! It’s in the follow-up that people get to know, like, and trust you.

Here are some ways you can follow-up with your customers:

1)  If someone’s opting into your freebie offer or newsletter list, make sure you have a follow-up process by creating an auto-responder series for your list. Those simple emails help people get more familiar with who you are.

2)  When you have the opportunity to meet a potential client, say at a networking event, but then you don’t do anything after that initial meet; you’re missing connections there. Send them a follow-up email after you’ve met them.

3)  Lastly, follow-up with the people who tell you ‘no’! Why? Because often times ‘no’ doesn’t mean they don’t like you. People don’t buy on the first interaction. I used to believe it took around 5 touch points to break through, but I think it’s actually around the 8ish touch point that they start to come around and trust you. ‘No’ just means, ‘No, not right now.’ You’re building relationships with people, so it takes time.

Those who are consistently able to follow-up with others and make it a priority will thrive in their business. I know it sounds simple, so what are you waiting for? Go follow-up!