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055miniHellllllooo Mavens! I’ve got a topic that I’m very passionate about for you on this Maven Mini. I talked about this subject before, but haven’t touched on it in a long, long while – which is about classifying your clients. There’s really three big buckets on how to classify them. To break it down it goes like this:

1)  The price shoppers. These are the ones who don’t -really- care about the quality you offer. All they want is the best deal around. These people tend not to worry too much about building a relationship with you. There’s nothing wrong with these clients, but as long as you’re aware of who you’re dealing with at the time.

2)  Loyal customers. This is the opposite side of bucket number one. They’re extremely engaged with what you’re doing. They’re loyal. They love you. They love building relationships with the people who serve them, they love referring your business to others they know, and more. Honestly, they are probably the most ideal clients for you.

3)  The middle. These potential clients sort of fall into those two buckets above. There isn’t a great way to classify them. The relationship isn’t first and foremost for them, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t matter to them. If they hear one of their friends got a better deal down the street, they might head over there to see whats it’s about. These people also tend not to give you a second chance – the relationship simply wasn’t there for them to care in the first place.

Personally, I love loyal clients. They’re just good on all fronts for your business. Though, I know some of you guys go after completely different types of clients and that’s OK! However, this is what I do want you to know about these three categories. I took the time to find those loyal clients, really get to know them, so that I could serve them better and build a better connection/relationship with them. This came back to me because I always had good business from good people.

Why is this important to you? You need to recognize which bucket you’re currently catering to. If you’re finding yourself struggling to find new customers or have existing customers stay, then it might be because you’ve got the marketing all wrong! When you try to cater to all three categories, all you’re going to do is dance around and waste precious resources catering to everyone.


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