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Siobhan McAuley

You don’t need to crash and burn every time you want to make a change.

Siobhan McAuley has such a fascinating story. Siobhan has been a health practitioner and healer for nearly her entire life, but throughout her career, she was broke and constantly struggling to find the financial freedom she craved. She kept waiting for ‘life to happen’ and grew somewhat resentful because of it. It wasn’t until she was diagnosed with cancer that she found inspiration in life and decided to change her life around for the better. She said something powerful on this interview, but you’ll have to wait till the end of the show to find out why Siobhan’s words, ‘burning to the ground to create change’ left a lasting impression on me.

Key Insights & Aha Moments

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*Siobhan was waiting for inspiration and it came, but only after being diagnosed with cancer.

*Unfortunately, Siobhan had to live off of welfare because she could not afford her medical treatments.

*At the time, she was also telling a very negative story about her partner, who lived in a different country.

*Siobhan got this crazy idea one day…what would it be like to earn $20k a month? Well, long story short, she was able to achieve that goal in 9 months.

*Siobhan has been a part of the yoga industry for the last 15 years.

*How did Siobhan discover her passion to teach?

*Siobhan is a vision person, not a details person.

*We have to be willing to lead ourselves before we can lead anyone else.

*How do you go from welfare to $20k a month?

*Siobhan took on 30k in debt during the first year of her business. By the way, she already had 40k in debt when she owned her yoga studio, way back when.

*You don’t need to crash and burn every time you want to make a change.

*Make sure you pay yourself first. This is the best form of self-love you can do for yourself.

*Break the whole problem down into pieces.

*Siobhan was very clear on her end result. She didn’t want 20k a month just because. She wanted 20k a month so she could have the freedom to visit her partner.

*The universe is an ‘and/both’ option, it is not a ‘neither/or’.

*You can’t come into a productive healing relationship when you are broke, tired, and stressed. This is why you have to practice self-care on yourself first!

*Healers are following a broken model in the industry that doesn’t put themselves first.

*I resonate so strongly with Siobhan’s ‘crash and burn’ model. Here’s why…

Maven Moment

Let’s be real with each other for a moment. Drama and the deconstruction of oneself can be a very powerful (and often times painful) thing. When Siobhan spoke about burning everything to the ground in order to create change, it opened a box for me. I never heard anyone put it quite the way Siobhan did, but I’m glad she opened up and shared some very deep and personal insights about herself.

The same thing happened to me when I had my brick and mortar business. There was a part of me that knew it was time to let go, but another part of me was struggling to find the strength to drop everything and pivot. I really had to go through a journey in order to finally set myself free from that business. Listen to the end of the interview to hear the full story.

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