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The only competition out there is you.


Christine Egan is a cancer survivor with an incredible story to tell. When she was first diagnosed with breast cancer, her jaw had hit the floor. She was a health coach! She drank green smoothies, meditated, and did yoga, so how could someone so health-conscious get cancer? Well, it made her re-evaluate her life and to seek pleasure and satisfaction in every moment. This mindset shift turned out to be one of the happiest times of her life. As she shared her story with women across the globe, Christine realized that there was so much more to being healthy than green smoothies.

Key Insights & Aha Moments


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*Who is Christine Egan? She’s a mom, wife to her high school sweetheart, and a cancer survivor.

*It was such a shock to Christine when she found out she had breast cancer because she was the healthiest girl in the room.

*Christine used a combination of both traditional and alternative medicine.

*Christine’s book, The Healthy Girl’s Guide to Breast Cancer, was written two years ago.

*What has happened to Christine and her book since then?

*Christine did have some fears that she was going to be burned at the stake for her alternative choice in medicine, for not putting her children first.

*What does Christine’s business look like today?

*The products you put on your body can be toxic to you. Christine found out after her diagnosis that the lotion she was using for the last 20 years had harmful ingredients in it.

*A reader, who was also a makeup artist working for a cancer-related non-profit, felt sick that she was using these harmful makeup products on women fighting cancer. She asked Christine for her help to create healthy, non-toxic products.

*Fast forward to today, Christine is about to launch her makeup product line, Life On Mars.

*What’s Christine putting on her skin nowadays? Coconut oil!

*Despite being in crunch mode to release the Life On Mars website, Christine still tells her team to practice self-care and to close that laptop by 4pm.

*What’s the story behind the Life On Mars name?

*What advice does Christine have for those struggling to get their business online?

*It’s important to not get sucked down a rabbit hole when you see other people succeeding. Stop! There’s room enough for all of us.

*What has Christine learned about business? Self-care has to come first.

*Best piece of life advice? Have fun! Flip those stories in your head.

*Look out for Christine’s audio book!

*Be sure to stay till the end where I share a story on how I recovered from a really tough injury.

Maven Moment


Christine’s message about sharing your story and to not make it bigger than it is reminded me of a horrible accident that happened to me when I was ice skating. I fell so perfectly that I pretty much broke everything. I know, ouch, but looking back, that accident made me a better healer. Why? Just due to the nature of the injury, I knew I had to use both traditional and alternative medicine to help heal me.

When I came back, the doctors said I had made a full recovery, which was rare for the type of injury I had sustained. The entire experienced softened me and made me appreciate the power of both forms of medicine. It also made me more compassionate towards what my patients were going through too. The reason why I bring this story up is because there’s so much power to your story and what you tell yourself. You have a story like this as well. You had to overcome things in your past. How has it made you a better person?

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