One Little Secret to Improve Your Time Management and Productivity


There’s been some things I’ve been doing lately that I really want to share with you today. It’s really been rocking my world and I’ve gotten so many things done!! Who knew it could be flipped on its head with One Secret to Improve Time Management and Productivity!

Alright, so time management. We can all get better with improving the way we spend our time. I bet some of us wish we had more time in the day, right? The reality is that you, me, and everyone else on this planet has the same 24 hours in the day, so how can we make the most out of it? Well, I set a little challenge up for myself to see how much I can get done in fewer hours. Honestly, the results have blown me away.

Okay, so what am I doing? Well, to give you some background, I already use my calendar extensively to block out time to work on certain important tasks, which has helped so much. But, I changed two things to this. The first one is I began creating little contests/challenges for myself. So, for example, if I had an hour blocked on my calendar to check email, I’d try to achieve that task in much, much less time.

So, the contests were fun, but the real life-changing part was this: After I finish a task in less time, I don’t move on to the next task I have set in my calendar. I claim that time as my own and use it as a mini-reset button. Wow! The difference it makes. I highly encourage you to try this little tip out yourself this week and see how it works for you. Let me know if you see a difference in the way you work after this mini-reset.