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Your Worst Case Scenario Really Is Not That Bad | Jessica Eley

Believe or not, your personal life does impact your entrepreneur life.


Jessica Eley is a mindset coach for entrepreneurs who need to bridge the gap between personal development and business. As Jessica says, you can’t have one without the other. Jessica talks about why it’s so important to be a little selfish and put your needs first. If you don’t, you’ll end up burned out and unable to serve those who need your talents the most! When you run your own business, it takes a huge mindset shift in order for you to make it out, and feel 100% comfortable with your journey.

Key Insights & Aha Moments


*The podcast is taking the break as the year winds down, but don’t worry! We’ll be back January 2nd.

*Afraid you’ll go into withdrawls? Don’t worry, we will be replaying the top four of the most popular episodes of all time over the next month.

*Who is Jessica? She’s a mindset coach for entrepreneurs!

*What does a mindset coach do?

*Jessica entrepreneurship and personal development are closely linked together.

*Jessica quit her job on a whim. Why did she feel like she had to do that?

*There’s no shame in quitting your job, doing your thing, and realizing that this isn’t right for you.

*Give yourself permission to try something new.

*As an entrepreneur, you’re constantly refining.

*What kind of challenges has Jessica faced?

*You could give away your talents for free, but we all know people get a better result for something that they pay for.

*We also know that if you keep giving away your talents for free, you will end up getting burned out.

*If it’s good for somebody else, then it needs to be good for you too.

*Remember, you can’t choose somebody else’s priorities for them.

*Success can sometimes scare us more than failure.

Maven Moment


Before we wrap up this final episode for 2016, I want to talk about something Jessica mentioned on the interview — her transition out of corporate. I know so many of you today are struggling with trying to branch out and get out of that job you hate, hate, hate! Jessica mentioned that we’d rather stick to something that hurts us than venture out into uncertainty. Listen in to the end of the show to hear my story of what my ‘breaking point’ was, and why I had to leave my job to start fresh.

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