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Don’t Stay in It Just Because People Expect You to | Sean Croxton

People do not have enough faith and trust in the universe!

Sean Croxton is on a mission to serve a million people. He was the former host of Underground Wellness Radio, and when it was no longer serving him, he created The Sean Croxton Sessions, which you can find on iTunes. Sean goes deep and talks about money mindset, having clear goals, and what to do with the critics in your life. Sean doesn’t hold back about being comfortable with who YOU are, and to never let others silence you.

Key Insights & Aha Moments

*Sean has a very unique ability towards taking complex things and making them simple.

*If Michelle was hosting a party, what music would Sean be playing?

*Let’s talk about goal setting and why it’s so important.

*There’s not enough faith and trust in the universe!

*How does Sean view money? Money is a tool!

*Sean kept wondering why he was always trying to sabotage himself with money, and why he couldn’t keep his money.

*Money is a beautiful thing! Why do healers have such trouble with this concept?

*When Sean charged too little, he attracted uncommitted clients.

*It’s funny how the most critical people are afraid of criticism.

*Why did Sean leave Underground Wellness?

*Passions have seasons. And Sean’s passion was DONE.

*Stop listening to others, and listen to your inner you, that knows how great you are.

*Sean thanks his parents for helping him become the voracious reader he is today.

*Sean wrote content first, and gave to his community first, before he wrote the book.

*Always look for evidence that your tribe wants something, before you end up creating it.

*What’s Sean currently struggling with?

*Sean talks about his latest podcast, Quote of the Day.

*Sean understands a lot of people in the wellness industry have a hard time explaining to folks the benefits of what they do, without the ‘woo-woo’ and spiritual stuff. Sean tries to incorporate more scientific research into the work he does.

Maven Moment

Okay, before we wrap up, I just want to get something off my mind. Visibility! This is a real issue for my inner circle community. There is a huge opportunity for you to see great improvement just by getting off your couch and getting visible! Get visible in your community, online or offline, and always be connecting and networking! Put yourself out there, and grow wherever you can.

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