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My Wife’s an Entrepreneur | Neal Niemiec

It comes down to this: Happiness first.


Neal Niemiec is my lovely and amazing husband, who has stuck by me since day one of quitting my corporate job. I just wasn’t happy, and he could see that. This conversation was a bit eye-opening on many levels. Neal talks on what it’s like being a spouse to an entrepreneur, and how to manage expectations from the get-go. I wasn’t just leaving my job, I was taking on a bigger risk for the both of us. Neal also speaks to how he was able to be unbelievably supportive, when I was going through my own, and sometimes messy, entrepreneurial journey.

Key Insights & Aha Moments


*Today’s guest is my husband, Neal!

*What went through Neal’s mind when I told him I was quitting my job?

*What was Neal thinking about, on a deeper level, about the additional risk our household was about to take on?

*Neal is currently working at a corporate job, but he gets excited by my success and business ideas.

*How did Neal get to such a supportive place? Was it always like this?

*Set your expectations from the get-go.

*It can be tough, when you have a spouse who is focused 24/7 on their business. People in Neal’s position have the weekend to look forward to, and entrepreneurs don’t necessarily always have that luxury.

*What advice does Neal have for others in the same position?

*It’s Neal’s role to provide the runway.

*Neal understands there are no sick days, no paid time off, nothing!

*Neal flips the script! He asks me what was the toughest thing about being in a relationship while I was starting my business, and he was still in corporate?

*What has Neal learned about entrepreneurship?

Maven Moment


Let’s talk about risk. Neal talked a lot about this. Our household was going to be taking on a lot of risk as I left my corporate career to pursue this ‘unknown.’ Our tolerance for risk does increase overtime as we step into the deep side of the pool. Every dollar I spent made me cringe, during the early stages of my business. Truth be told, I felt guilty. Over the years though, this mindset has changed, as I’ve become much more confident in myself and my abilities.

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