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Seek Out a Supportive Community

I was talking to a potential client today and she reminded me how important it is to Seek Out a Supportive Community around you. It’s critical for your success! This person basically said she was making excuses and having a hard time focusing. She was having somewhat negative self-talk. But, she also said something about her husband. He’s not understanding why she’s taking so long in this journey. She also talked about her friends and how she’s afraid to talk to them. All they do is tell her what she wants to hear.

Uh oh! The good news is that she knows she needs to go outside of her circle of friends. She needs to find someone who will give her that tough love, and actually help her, instead of hinder her! If you do not have someone, whether paid or free, I highly encourage you to seek out some sort of mentor or coach, to help you along and get your mind and business on the right track.

Seek Out a Supportive Community


Another thing, not everyone has a supportive spouse. I’m fortunate that I am able to talk to my husband about some of my struggles every night. Also, I have some very close entrepreneur friends, but that doesn’t mean they’re necessarily a good fit for my everyday life issues. What it boils down to is having good, and strong, communities, where you can depend on the support of not just one, but several people who automatically ‘get it.’ You gotta find your cheerleaders and those who can help lift you up.

Again, these friendship circles aren’t an ‘it’s nice to have,’ they are a ‘need to have.’ You need support, you need guidance, and you need to know you’ve got a community of people who are all rooting for you, and that have your back.