Getting Motivated When You're Unmotivated

Getting Motivated When You’re Unmotivated | Maven Mini

A lot of questions about ‘breaking the motivation barrier’ come up in my Maven Inner Circle, and I just thought I’d like to share some thoughts on this today. So, how do you get motivated when you’re feeling very unmotivated? How do you get your mind in the right place? These questions couldn’t come at a more perfect time. I interviewed Kevin Breeding on this very topic (mindset) this week, and you must, must check it out if you haven’t heard it already.

Getting Motivated When You’re Unmotivated

So, once you’ve listened to Kevin, I do have some other tips that I can pass along, to help you with your mindset. Here are some short and sweet ones:

  1. Listen to a song that pumps you up. Get up and dance to it!!
  2. Tapping or also known as EFT helps!
  3. Keep a journal. Save some of those highlights, and look at them when you’re sad/feeling low.
  4. Sometimes all it takes is a simple ‘shift.’ Ask yourself, “Why don’t I want to make money?”

Alright! That’s it for me. I hope these quick tips helped you re-ignite that fire when you’re feeling very ‘bleh’ about it all. Talk to you next week.

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