Be the Most Important Authority in Your Life | Sarah Louisignau

Sarah Louisignau

As entrepreneurs, we have to be really honest with ourselves. If we’re not succeeding, we’re the reason!


Sarah is an empowered sensuality & fertility coach, with over a decade of experience helping driven women and entrepreneurs reclaim healthy, happy sex lives, and discover deep wisdom, love, and trust within – through the process of claiming shameless pleasure and sensuality. She’s had her own podcast, led workshops & retreats, coached individuals and groups, and created a complete program for women looking to reclaim sensuality & fertility. This girl has been around the block, searching for the best non-dogmatic methods and philosophies to empower extraordinary women in their search for well-being and we’re so lucky to have her here today!

Key Insights & Aha Moments


* Sarah discusses how sensuality and pleasure are the touchstones for lasting empowerment, and the ultimate path to breaking through plateaus in business.

* She has found parallels between birthing babies as a doula and birthing a business

* Rupture to rapture – What was her personal journey?

* What broke down for her and led her to this empowering place.

* Sarah has a really unique background

* As someone who has always thought outside of the box and branched out to do her own thing, she’s comfortable making the “next step” and helping other goal-oriented women do the same.

* She finds that she doesn’t even really fit into a category when doing her taxes anymore because what she does is so unique!

* Her outer work is reflected in her inner work and it has helped her come to know herself as a woman and entrepreneur

* Enjoyed teaching yoga and body work working with women one-on-one was when things really launched for her

* Now tailors her work with women to focus on reproduction and pre/post natal care, as well as being a doula

* She has found powerful synergies between personal growth as an entrepreneur and how a woman grows and develops physically and emotionally when birthing babies

* Works with women entrepreneurs to open themselves up for self-care and self-love

* How do women realize that having a deeper connection and love with your body is an important part in their business and life?

* Sarah walks us through her very own rupture to rapture and how hitting rock bottom helped her move forward and slow down

* What are the warning signs women have

* Sarah has openings in her calendar for discovery calls. Are you a fit for my RADIANT + Sensual Entrepreneur program? Website below

Maven Moment

I found Sarah’s message to relevant, since I called my first business my business baby. Literally! This was my rupture to rapture moment! I built it from the ground up and it was a reflection of everything about me! But I got myself too attached. I was willing to give anything to this business, but it really had to stop. It was getting detrimental to everything else in my life. I was putting too much pressure on myself and I’ll never make this mistake again! I gave more to my business than I did to myself and it was so hard to disconnect from that business. It almost felt like I had to kill my “baby” in order to get back to a healthy lifestyle! While it was a powerful experience, it’s definitely not recommended. Think about how much you’re giving your business and how you’re balancing your business and life! It’s so important!

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