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Build Your List the Right Way

This week’s guest did such a great job on list-building and focusing on her clients and talking about how to Build Your List the Right Way. I’ve talked about this before, I’d do this so differently if I was just starting out! I’d put much more emphasis on building that list! I just can’t impart this on you enough! It’s the place where you continue to build a relationship with your audience. It’s great to spend time on social media and hang out with your peeps. But what if that all changes tomorrow? If you have your list, you’re still able to interact with them and reach out!

If you’re out networking… that’s great! But how do you continue to cultivate that relatihsionship after time if you don’t have them in your list? You need to build that like and trust factor with after making that personal connection. The answer is in your list!

Build Your List the Right Way


Everybody needs to be focusing on networking and cultivating relationships. Money is in the list! Sell to your list by creating the content and offers they are asking about from you.

Believe it or not, when it comes to your list, size doesn’t matter! I’d rather you have a couple hundred people who are opening the emails and being engaged, than having a couple thousand who never open a thing. Don’t focus on the number of people you have, focus on engagement.

First goal is to get people to open that email! Test subject lines. Resend to people who didn’t open with different subject lines. They need to grab your audience!

Include a call to action in the P.S. area of your email and make sure you keep things casual and fun! Be you and be authentic!

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