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Michelle McGlade

Making the Maven Episode 99: 7 Things Mavens Do Differently to Reach Success

I’ve learned so much about podcasting and myself over the last two years! And we’re almost to Episode 100! This week’s episode is going to focus on 7 things mavens do different to reach a new level of success in their wellness business. It’s inspired by all my interviews and mentors in my business, up to this point. What a milestone! I also have a big announcement for the podcast! Tune in! I’m going to blow your mind and take this podcast to the next level. And please make sure to check out all the valuable content over the last 99 episodes, and in the countless Maven Minis!

Key Insights & Aha Moments

* 7 things that mavens do different to really accelerate and reach the level of success in your business

* #7 – Leverage Your Strengths- don’t build a cookie-cutter business. Build one that suits your lifestyle and shines on your strengths. It makes it so much easier!

* #6 – Listen to What Clients Want – focus and open your ears on what clients want, not what you want

* Give them what they want and tell them what they need

* #5 – Take Action Over Perfection – many of us have suffered from perfectionism, but it can freeze you. Stop preparing instead of getting paid!

* #4 – Fail Fast-Forward – look at failure as a good thing. Everything is a risk and when you fail, you learn

* Everybody fails at some point in something. But it will get easier and easier.

* You will develop the muscles and tolerance for risk and you will be able to move and respond quicker to what is happening around you. Do something differently the next time

* #3 – Focus –Say yes to the things that will help you move your business forward more quickly, say no to everything else.

* #2 – Invest in Themselves – This can be so difficult for people!

* Whether it’s taking a course, finding a mentor, individualized coaching, it’s at the very top of what successful mavens are doing for themselves

* It can be uncomfortable and scary, but will come back to you in such a huge way, because it lives on.

* #1 – Work Constantly on Mindset

* The only way to get OUT of your way is to work on that mindset. Build those muscles!

* Looking at your personal relationships could be reflected in your business

Michelle’s Tips Discussed in this Episode

“Not familiar with your strengths? Take a strengths finder and reach out to those close to you.”

“If you want success and see results, you need to let go of being perfect!”

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