How to Use Groupon (the Smart Way) in Your Practice
Cath Cox

Cath Cox

Making the Maven Episode 114: You don’t make money off the Groupon deal itself, you make money on converting potential customers into real clients.


Cath Cox has been a licensed massage therapist in Colorado since 1999. After trying nearly everything to get clients through her door (she was hustling her butt off), and it not working, Cath decided to finally try Groupon because she had nothing else to lose. To her surprise, she was getting consistent clients through the door and was able to boost her business from three clients a week to three a day within a couple of months. How did she do it? Find out, in this week’s episode.

Key Insights & Aha Moments


*I have a new gift for you guys! Struggling to get consistent clients in the door? Download my 5 Steps to a Waitlist Wellness Practice.

*How did Cath get into massage therapy?

*When Cath made the transition from the bar industry to massage therapy, did people think Cath was crazy?!

*After school, Cath knew she wanted to start her own business. How did that experience go?

*Cath is such a go-getter. How did she get this ‘can do anything’ mindset?

*When Cath finally settled on her massage style (ashiatsu), she hustled her butt off! When she wasn’t marketing, she was busting her butt finding clients. She went down to fire stations, doctor offices, gyms, etc looking for clients.

*Despite busting her butt, Cath was not getting anywhere in her business. She was seeing three clients a week if she was lucky.

*Cath didn’t hear great things about Groupon, but as she was getting nowhere with her business, Cath decided to try it out and see what happens. She had nothing to lose!

*Keep in mind, you don’t make money off the Groupon deal itself, you make money on converting them into real clients.

*Because massage students were not well trained in marketing, this is where people fail flat with Groupon. They get the clients, but then they don’t know how to convert them into lifelong customers.

*Cath went from three clients a week to three clients a day within two to three months of using Groupon.

*The good thing about getting an influx of people through your door — you can really hone your sales speech.

*Cath shares some tips on how people can use Groupon to kickstart their business.

*What’s the max amount of clients you want to see each month or even each week? Set that cap early in the business.

*Some final thoughts about from me about today’s interview before we wrap up the show.

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[bctt tweet="It may not be exactly the opportunity you thought it was going to be, but if it’s presented to you, you take it!" username="mcglademichelle"] [bctt tweet="What you do for a living affects everything else in your life." username="mcglademichelle"] [bctt tweet="Just getting an influx of all these new people from Groupon, really gives the opportunity to hone your sales speech." username="mcglademichelle"]

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