Mary Shores

You Can Change Your Life Just by Using Your Words | Mary Shores

Making the Maven Episode 115: Sound crazy? Well, it isn’t. There’s science behind how using your words can positively or negatively impact your life.


Mary Shores is the author of Conscious Communications and is recognized as a leader of innovative thought. She has spent over a decade teaching businesses and individuals how to identify their goals, create new ways of thinking, and take action to create meaningful results. On the show, Mary discusses her journey and how she overcame devastating loss by using the methods written in her book. Words have power not only on the people you love but yourself! Use them wisely.

Key Insights & Aha Moments:

*Struggling to get new clients in the door? I have a free gift for you!

*How did Mary first get started in all of this?

*Mary always wanted to write a book, but she kept making excuses as to why she couldn’t.

*At a young age, Mary lost her daughter and that experience made her want to live the very best life she could. Four years later, Mary started her business at 24.

*Science and spirituality are currently at crossroads. It is backed by science that you can change your reality just by using your words.

*How did Mary come up with the idea for her book?

*Mary created a communication strategy to help her customers become happier after a phone call. It increased her business by 35% in just one year! To add to this, Mary’s business was debt collections and you know no one is ever happy when they hear from you.

*Soon after, Mary was teaching this strategy to other business owners and helping others.

*And then… Mary went through a devastating divorce and it knocked her completely off her feet.

*Honestly, the communication strategy she’d developed 10 years prior was what saved her.

*You have to continue in your life despite all the rocky ups and downs.

*Mary was in a very negative space and things were not manifesting well in her life.

*You have to get in control of your words, behaviors, and actions in every aspect of your life. All possibilities exist for you.

*You have to release the traumas you have stored in your body because they do affect you, whether you realize it or not!

*How can business owners take actionable steps to leverage the power of their words?

*Goal-setting is a very powerful way of connecting and building neural pathways. There’s a reason why goal-setting works!

*Typically, the people who have a clear plan and actions steps set in place are the ones who get results.

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