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Finding My Worthiness | Lisa Carpenter

Making the Maven Episode 124: Are you trying to get validation through your business?


Today’s guest is Lisa Carpenter! I know she’s such a fan favorite, which is why I’ve had her on the podcast each year. This is Lisa’s third time on the show and you guys just can’t get enough of her. Lisa is launching her very first book, so stay tuned to the end for more info! On the show, Lisa Carpenter talks about some of the struggles she had while writing her book, trying to find her worthiness in her business, and so, so much more.

Key Insights & Aha Moments


*Lisa has been on the show three times! She’s such a fan favorite.

*Lisa Carpenter has a new book out! Please, please check it out!

*Typically, Lisa tries not to work on Monday mornings or on Fridays.

*Next-level leaders understand that it’s about working on themselves that’s going to get them results.

*The journey, not the results, is the fun part.

*Why did Lisa decide to write a book?

*Lisa believes you should always ask for help. She definitely couldn’t write this book on her own and is so glad she found someone knowledgeable to help her.

*Lisa already had a local following, so when she launched her online business and course, and literally heard crickets, it was discouraging.

*The road to passive income is not passive. These things take time.

*Lisa was constantly searching for her worthiness in her business, but she realized that her business would never fulfill that hole for her.

*How do you want to feel every single day?

*Lisa hated asking for help and she knew she had to challenge herself on this.

*Stop hiding, stop trying to be a perfectionist, and put your work out into the world.

*Have the courage to strip down your personal story, question your beliefs, and allow new information to rise above you. Challenge yourself.

*We are unique and smart individuals, but we are avoiding the things that are making us uncomfortable, and this is why we struggle to grow.

*Have any questions for Lisa? Feel free to reach out to her!

*And don’t forget: Be kind to yourself.

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