This is How You Manifest Your Desires
Jen Mavros

Jen Mavros

Making the Maven Episode 131: Get through your blocks and start LIVING a truly meaningful and inspiring life.


Jen Mavros is a modern-day Spiritual Messenger, the host of The Jen Mavros Show, and the creator of The Mavros Method of Manifestation. Her work has helped 5900+ of purpose-driven entrepreneurs discover and live the life they truly desire. On the show, Jen shares how she went from a hot mess to someone with a thriving career, soulmate, and living life with impactful and meaningful purpose. She also shares steps you can take to manifest your desires and make your dreams finally come true. Do not miss out!

Key Insights & Aha Moments


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*How did Jen first get started in her career?

*Prior to learning about manifestation, Jen’s life was a hot mess.

*For most of us, we don’t change until we absolutely have to.

*Life really began to change when Jen discovered the teachings of Louise Hay.

*When did Jen turn her intuitive powers into a career? What was that transition like?

*When you’re out of aliment, life has a really beautiful way of supporting you and course correcting.

*Jen was able to change her life and find her soulmate just by manifesting and being positive. Things were finally working for her

*Jen shares the defining moment that made her decide to change her career and take a leap of faith.

*What does Jen’s soulmate think about all of this ‘woo-woo’ stuff?

*Jen discusses the mindset you need to have when going from employee to entrepreneur.

*Jen shares advice on steps you can take to manifest an amazing life.

*What’s the most important to you right now?

*How do you define success?

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[bctt tweet="There were signs, there were red flags everywhere, but I wasn’t ready to see them." username="mcglademichelle"] [bctt tweet="It’s human nature. We don’t change until we absolutely have to." username="mcglademichelle"] [bctt tweet="When you’re living out of your element, life has a really beautiful way of supporting you and course correcting." username="mcglademichelle"]

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