Everything Looked Good… on Paper | Kate Swoboda

Making the Maven Episode 133: Fear is a habit, but the good news is, you can change it so that you live your most authentic self.


Kate Swoboda is the Author of The Courage Habit and she is an expert on habit-formation and building psychological courage. Fear-based behaviors can become habitual, but this means that you can also develop courageous-based behaviors too! Fear will always come up in your life, whether you’re launching a new product, book, or service, fear will be there. The good news is, you can change the way you feel about fear so that it benefits you. Find out more from the very wise Kate Swoboda on this week’s episode!

Key Insights & Aha Moments


*Everybody struggles with fear… and that’s okay! Kate dives into why you have to face your fears today.

*How did Kate get started?

*You will never be able to fully get rid of fear but what you can do is get present and not let the fear control you.

*If fear-based behaviors can become habitual, then that means courageous-based behaviors can too.

*At least half of our behavior every day is habitual. We are very predictable and that’s not always a bad thing. However, it’s bad when we let habits go on autopilot.

*The good news is you can break the habit!

*What is your fear routine?

*What finally got Kate to face her fears and create change in her life?

*Kate thought she was making all the right decisions. How was it that she wasn’t happy when she made them so consciously and deliberately?

*What was Kate’s biggest struggle when she first got started working for herself?

*Making six figures in six weeks is a lottery ticket. For most entrepreneurs, it’s a grind and it takes time to see success.

*Don’t compare other people’s success to where you are. Everybody starts at a different point in their entrepreneurial journey.