The One Thing You Need to 10X Your Marketing

The One Thing You Need to 10X Your Marketing

Let’s talk about making money in wellness! How can you turn your expensive hobby into a really successful wellness business to that you can reach and touch more people? This is The One Thing You Need to 10X Your Marketing to take things to the next level!

I’ve been spending some time with clients to really understand what is holding you back from attracting those dream clients into your business. You’re already doing a lot of things right, but what are you missing?

The One Thing You Need to 10X Your Marketing

You’re doing all of the right things:

  • Sending out emails
  • Blogging
  • Putting Yourself Out There

But there are still some gaps in your marketing. That’s why it’s not working the way you want it to. So how can you 10x your marketing to turn it around? You don’t want to just bring in clients, you want to bring in DREAM clients! Ones who really want to work with you. Ones who fill you up and get results. But ultimately, you want clients who will refer you because that’s what it’s all about in your wellness business!

So what is that one thing you need to do?


It’s not sexy. It’s not that fun. But it’s needed! When I work with clients, I absolutely won’t let them skip this step. But they resist it! You want pixie dust!

What you need to understand is that this IS pixie dust! If you are truly able to speak to your clients to understand what they want and need, then communicate it back to them in their own language. That is what is going to deliver the results you want!

It got me thinking about my own business and how much research I’ve done myself. I’ve easily gathered data and feedback from my target audience and either talked one-to-one with people or surveyed them in some way, shape or form.

So how do you do market research? One of the best ways I believe is to talk to your audience. What that has done is it has allowed me to get closer to my audience to learn what they want and need.

I don’t want to overwhelm you with it, though. You don’t need to get out there and talk to everyone at once. But how about 10 people? Are there 10 people that you would love to work with? Talk to them!

You want to specialize and you want to help people who are struggling in ways you’ve struggled in the past. But the difference is that now you’re on the other side of it! Your perspective has changed because you’ve moved through being the victim and somebody who is sick all the time. You’ve done your work of struggling to find answers.

You have the answer and found your cure and healed yourself! You’ve experienced a lot of different forms of alternative options and holistic healing and have a totally new perspective. That makes it more difficult to relate to where people are now.

Even if you feel like you know these clients, you don’t anymore. So you need to do the research!

One of my favorite ways to get to know your clients is to interview them! I try to talk to two of my clients a week one-on-one and continue to survey people week after week. I easily get 25 surveys back every week. So that’s 27 people I’m getting new research from every week!

I stay close to what’s going on in your world because I’ve been there. But I’m not there anymore, so I need to stay close to it to know what is happening!

This is when you can create marketing messaging that is extremely powerful. And it works!

Have you been trying these things? You’ve been doing some email marketing. You’ve got an opt-in on your website and have been putting blogs out there. You do the social media thing, but you’re getting crickets. You see zero for your open rates and nobody is clicking on your links. What gives?

Your research may be off and you’re not creating the powerful messaging that is speaking directly to people. You’re using “wellness speak”, not their own language. You have to remember… talk to them! Learn about what is going on in their lives, what they want and what they desire. They want to hear it in their own language!

I know it’s hard to talk to hundreds of people. But did you think of using Amazon? Check out specific Amazon books in your niche and look at the reviews.

For example… fibromyalgia. If I was going to specialize and work with individuals who were struggling with this, I could look for books on this topic. BEST SELLOING BOOKS! And I’d be looking at those reviews.

You’ll be amazed at what you find. You’re going to find all sorts of juicy content about people who read the book. You’ll see what they are experiencing and the dramatic change that happened as a result of reading that book. And it’s all going to be in their own words! I encourage you to cut and paste this information and keep it in a spreadsheet.

Another idea? Use forums. Go into Google and type in the search. Again, by using the example of fibromyalgia, type in the word, the plus sign, and than the word forum. The result will be that any type of forum that is related to this topic will pop up.

Now, you can head into those forums and you’ll do the exact same thing as when you do your Amazon research. See what people are talking about. Read about their struggles and read their words. Copy and paste the language and keep it in that trusty spreadsheet! Soon, you can begin to look for trends, which can tell you what the biggest pain points are.

This will help you immensely in your marketing!

Until next time!

Michelle McGlade, MBA, LAc | Podcast Host | Author | Speaker
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