Stop Sabotaging Yourself!
Michelle McGlade

Michelle McGlade

Making the Maven Episode 118: Pay close attention to what kind of words are coming out of your mouth.


I’m back with another solo episode with yours truly, Michelle McGlade! It’s the new year and we’re excited to achieve our goals, but some things that keep coming up with my students are their self-limiting beliefs. Are you saying words like, ‘I’m not ready yet,’ or ‘I’m too busy,’ and it’s making you stop dead in your tracks? You are sabotaging yourself! Let’s help you get unstuck in today’s episode so you can put yourself out there and do great, great things!

Key Insights & Aha Moments


*Are you self-sabotaging yourself?

*I’m posting a live webinar this Wednesday 17th at 12 p.m. EST about the three online marketing secrets! Don’t miss it with yours truly, Michelle McGlade!

*One of the reasons why you’re getting stuck is because you keep falling into the same limiting beliefs that are holding you back.

*We naturally want to go into situations that make us feel safe. However, as business owners we need to battle against this.

*You need to constantly be analyzing and adjusting what’s comfortable for you as you grow your business.

*How does self-sabotage show up in different people?

*Pay close attention to what kind of words are coming out of your mouth.

*Are you saying words like, ‘I’m not ready yet,’ or ‘I’m too busy’?

*Stop making excuses for yourself! You can do it.

*How do you overcome these barriers you are putting on yourself? Step one: Question the validity of each excuse you’re coming up with.

*Do you feel like 2017 didn’t go the way you wanted? Do you feel like you just didn’t make things happen? This stops now!

*What kinds of things are triggering you to say these self-limiting beliefs? Do they come up when you’re faced with new territory or the unknown?

*I’m so, so passionate about this topic because I’ve been through this too!

*Take time to reflect on your business and see where you can improve.

*It’s great to aim high, but set yourself up for a realistic journey so you don’t end up discouraged and disappointed with yourself.

Are You Too Attached to the 'How'?
Michelle McGlade

Are You Too Attached to the 'How'?

Making the Maven Episode 117: Magic begins to happen when you let go of the ‘how’ and start focusing on just taking action.


Welcome to the new year! In this week’s show, you just have yours truly sitting one-on-one to give you a real talk about a lesson I had to relearn in 2017. Are You Too Attached to the ‘How’? A couple of years ago when I decided to shut down my brick and mortar business, I was so focused on ‘how’ I wanted to let my business go that it took me almost a year (and near burn-out) for me to finally let it go. I was so focused on ‘how’ that I ended up dragging the task on for more than it needed to be. The same thing happened to me again in 2017! Today, I’ll be sharing this valuable lesson with you so that you can prevent and stop yourself from going through the exact same thing in your business.

Key Insights & Aha Moments


*I was so fortunate to meet up with my inner circle mavens for a 2017 year review.

*What kind of lessons have I learned throughout the year?

*On January 17, I have a free webinar for you! Don’t miss it.

*I had to relearn a lesson this year. That lesson was to not be so attracted to how things will happen in your business. Are You Too Attached to the ‘How’?

*After 3 years of blood, sweat, and tears, I decided it was time to close the brick and mortar business to focus on coaching. It was a tough decision to ‘walk away’ from it all.

*I wanted to see my business baby live on. I decided that it was best to sell my business. Little did I know the universe was laughing at me!

*I overworked myself for a year trying to sell my business and I was just hitting wall after wall.

*When I stopped pushing on ‘how’ I wanted my business to end. Guess what, the universe delivered and gave me a different solution.

*One thing people get wrong when they’re trying to manifest things is they’re still very attached to the how.

*Sometimes, we just don’t know how to do things, but that’s okay. If you just start taking action without being attached to the ‘what’ and the ‘how,’ that’s when magic and results start to come.

*In 2017, I made a big marketing push to attract more people into my online community. However, I was struggling to communicate value to new audiences.

*I’m sharing this with you today as I reflect on some of the highlights that happened in 2017.

*At the end of the day, it’s all about you getting clear on what you want and then taking action on those goals. Do not get attached to the how or the little details of how it happens. Are You Too Attached to the ‘How’? Stop!

You Can Change Your Life Just by Using Your Words
Mary Shores

Mary Shores

Making the Maven Episode 115: Sound crazy? Well, it isn’t. There’s science behind how using your words can positively or negatively impact your life.


Mary Shores is the author of Conscious Communications and is recognized as a leader of innovative thought. She has spent over a decade teaching businesses and individuals how to identify their goals, create new ways of thinking, and take action to create meaningful results. On the show, Mary discusses her journey and how she overcame devastating loss by using the methods written in her book. Words have power not only on the people you love but yourself! Use them wisely.

Key Insights & Aha Moments:

*Struggling to get new clients in the door? I have a free gift for you!

*How did Mary first get started in all of this?

*Mary always wanted to write a book, but she kept making excuses as to why she couldn’t.

*At a young age, Mary lost her daughter and that experience made her want to live the very best life she could. Four years later, Mary started her business at 24.

*Science and spirituality are currently at crossroads. It is backed by science that you can change your reality just by using your words.

*How did Mary come up with the idea for her book?

*Mary created a communication strategy to help her customers become happier after a phone call. It increased her business by 35% in just one year! To add to this, Mary’s business was debt collections and you know no one is ever happy when they hear from you.

*Soon after, Mary was teaching this strategy to other business owners and helping others.

*And then… Mary went through a devastating divorce and it knocked her completely off her feet.

*Honestly, the communication strategy she’d developed 10 years prior was what saved her.

*You have to continue in your life despite all the rocky ups and downs.

*Mary was in a very negative space and things were not manifesting well in her life.

*You have to get in control of your words, behaviors, and actions in every aspect of your life. All possibilities exist for you.

*You have to release the traumas you have stored in your body because they do affect you, whether you realize it or not!

*How can business owners take actionable steps to leverage the power of their words?

*Goal-setting is a very powerful way of connecting and building neural pathways. There’s a reason why goal-setting works!

*Typically, the people who have a clear plan and actions steps set in place are the ones who get results.

*Mary has a free gift for my audience today!

How to Use Groupon (the Smart Way) in Your Practice
Cath Cox

Cath Cox

Making the Maven Episode 114: You don’t make money off the Groupon deal itself, you make money on converting potential customers into real clients.


Cath Cox has been a licensed massage therapist in Colorado since 1999. After trying nearly everything to get clients through her door (she was hustling her butt off), and it not working, Cath decided to finally try Groupon because she had nothing else to lose. To her surprise, she was getting consistent clients through the door and was able to boost her business from three clients a week to three a day within a couple of months. How did she do it? Find out, in this week’s episode.

Key Insights & Aha Moments


*I have a new gift for you guys! Struggling to get consistent clients in the door? Download my 5 Steps to a Waitlist Wellness Practice.

*How did Cath get into massage therapy?

*When Cath made the transition from the bar industry to massage therapy, did people think Cath was crazy?!

*After school, Cath knew she wanted to start her own business. How did that experience go?

*Cath is such a go-getter. How did she get this ‘can do anything’ mindset?

*When Cath finally settled on her massage style (ashiatsu), she hustled her butt off! When she wasn’t marketing, she was busting her butt finding clients. She went down to fire stations, doctor offices, gyms, etc looking for clients.

*Despite busting her butt, Cath was not getting anywhere in her business. She was seeing three clients a week if she was lucky.

*Cath didn’t hear great things about Groupon, but as she was getting nowhere with her business, Cath decided to try it out and see what happens. She had nothing to lose!

*Keep in mind, you don’t make money off the Groupon deal itself, you make money on converting them into real clients.

*Because massage students were not well trained in marketing, this is where people fail flat with Groupon. They get the clients, but then they don’t know how to convert them into lifelong customers.

*Cath went from three clients a week to three clients a day within two to three months of using Groupon.

*The good thing about getting an influx of people through your door — you can really hone your sales speech.

*Cath shares some tips on how people can use Groupon to kickstart their business.

*What’s the max amount of clients you want to see each month or even each week? Set that cap early in the business.

*Some final thoughts about from me about today’s interview before we wrap up the show.

You Invest in Your Craft, Yet You Don’t Invest in Your Business
Lori Kennedy

Lori Kennedy

Making the Maven Episode 113: The journey looks so different for everybody. Just keep in mind the real success is in the progress.


Lori Kennedy is the Founder of The Wellness Business Hub, a website that offers health and wellness professionals resources on what they need to know to launch a successful practice. For so many students who recently graduated, they are not equipped with the knowledge of going out there and making their own business succeed. When Lori started her own practice, she made so many mistakes and wished she had a place like The Wellness Business Hub to go to. On the show, Lori discusses why single sessions don’t work for your patients or your business, how owning a business isn’t always for everyone, and so much more!

Key Insights & Aha Moments


*Before we get started with today’s interview, don’t forget I have a new freebie for you!

*It’s hard to find other local practitioners who want to collaborate. It’s the scarcity mindset!

*How did Lori become a wellness practitioner?

*Lori has never worked in a 9-5 office setting. She always knew she wanted to go into this field.

*It’s painful to change, so that means the pain you experience has to be so great that it’ll motivate you to find alternative solutions.

*Do you want to work evenings and weekends? Is that’s what’s best for your lifestyle? No? Then why are you doing it?!

*After you get out of school, it’s so hard to make the mental shift that you’re now, also, starting your own business. So many wellness practitioners invested in their craft, but don’t even invest in the business side of things!

*If you want to stay at your full-time job and help people for free, that’s okay too.

*Starting your own business isn’t for everyone. It takes a lot of self-work.

*Unfortunately, it’s not profitable nor is it helpful to only see a client one time. So, why are we selling only single sessions?

*What’s your ‘why’ to being a health practitioner? Like, the real why behind why you do what you do?

*The only reason why someone doesn’t take action is because of what’s going on inside their head.

*Lori has a course on how to create your own signature program without overwhelming yourself!