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Getting Serious about Not Being Serious | Jason Goldberg

People believe you have to be ‘serious’ in order to be successful. This is the biggest lie ever.


Key Insights & Aha Moments


*This interview is gorgeous!

*Jason is going to blow your mind!

*By the way! I have a new freebie about following up!

*Who is Jason? He loves to make people laugh!

*Jason has always been an entrepreneur, even though it wasn’t intentional at first.

*Passion isn’t always enough.

*Be smart on how you quit your job.

*Jason did the unthinkable after running a year on his savings, he went back to corporate!

*Do you have to be serious in order to be successful? Of course not!

*“If you were a ‘serious’ entrepreneur, you should be doing this.” Again, not true!

*Why is Jason qualified to talk about any of this?

*What does it mean to be a ‘prisoner’?

*Self-leadership is like a language. The more you use it, the better you are.

*Jason was raised with a prisoner mentality.

*How does Jason handle stress?

*There’s nothing we can ever get from outside of us, that doesn’t already exist from within us.

*How did Jason get to where he is today? Was he just born like this?!

*Jason does a practice called his ‘daily why.’

*What is the ‘prison break question’?

*How can healers overcome their fear of visibility?

*Jason has a fantastic giveaway for you!

Maven Moment


I have a positivity hangover from this interview! So, so many gold nuggets, but I wanted to touch on one thing around his comment about not leaving your corporate job. Bear with me on this one. I like how Jason does not advocate leaving your corporate job carelessly. In his interview, he said he saved for a full year before leaving. Don’t leave your ‘day job,’ for your passion. Be smart about it first!

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Please do not leave your day job because you’re passionate at coaching. Click To Tweet I want people to know, there’s no outcome, no big breakthrough, no ‘passion’ moment. It’s a moment by moment thing. Click To Tweet I believe this is the biggest lie we were ever told — is that you have to be serious to be successful. Click To Tweet