The Journey to Finding Enoughness and Healing Yourself | Megan Hale

One of the biggest pieces in life is to learn how to receive. Receive love, receive truth, and receive compassion.

MeganHaleI know I always say this, but I love, love, love today’s guest! Megan Hale! Megan is a retired psychotherapist turned ‘enoughness coach’ for women. She is a fierce feminine leadership mentor and uses the fierce feminine leadership model as her framework for creating sustainable success. Megan is also a podcast host! Her podcast, The Enoughness Revolution, is in my top favorites and is a must-listen for all you ladies out there who don’t feel like you’re enough. If you’re struggling with self-confidence and just putting yourself out there, then you absolutely must listen to what Megan has to say today.

Key Insights & Aha Moments

*I’m so excited to share today’s guest interview!

*I’m launching the Maven inner circle! A community just for you! It’s happening May 2nd.

*Megan noticed that more and more women who were coming to her just simply weren’t honoring their truth.

*How long did it take Megan to become an enoughness coach? Her whole life.

*Megan was chasing enoughness for a very long time without realizing what it was ‘really’ what she was looking for.

*Megan was chasing for success, for happiness, but deep down she did all these things because she thought she wasn’t enough.

*We’re so quick to put a band-aid on something so we can move forward, but things just aren’t healed so quickly.

*Megan’s work is to re-write stories.

*A women’s natural instinct or go-to is give, not to receive.

*Megan wants to remind women that it’s okay to receive. You’re not going to be ‘full of yourself’ if you do.

*You’re never going to be 100% healed, even if you’re a healer.

*Our gifts come so naturally to us that it’s almost like it’s not a big deal. It is a big deal!

*The more comfortable you can be in the uncomfortable, the better off you will be with pushing forward.

*One of the biggest challenges Megan had was thinking ‘enough’ was a destination you could reach.

*Ask yourself: What do you want? Not what you think you want, what DO you want?

*When you start to really feel your feelings, it can get messy.

*Feel your feelings. I can completely relate. I built an incredibly successful business for myself, but it was the wrong business for what I really and truly wanted.

*Now that I’ve built a business that’s in line with who I am, it feels so easy that it’s almost like something’s wrong!

*Challenge yourself to create more ease in your life.

*How can people align themselves? Question what’s possible; question what it is that you really want.

*What we really want can sometimes be buried under a cultural and family level.

*Reject whatever insults your soul. But what does insult your soul?

*Who you need to be is often the most overlooked, but it’s the most fundamental component to creating success.

*Megan is giving away (for free) the fierce feminine leadership mini course for the entire month of April.

*After April, her course will be on sale for $397

*Quick reminder, I am building an inner circle that will be launching on May 2nd!

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Maven Moment

I can’t begin to touch on all the things Megan said that resonated with me because there were just so many. I completely relate to the part where Megan said she was chasing for this ideal dream she thought she had to have in order to be happy, but once she ‘got it’ she realized she was just miserable. The same thing happened to me for my business. I built an incredibly successful business that a lot of people would have wanted, but I just wasn’t happy. Megan says that you really need to break down your cultural and family beliefs and dig deep down to discover what it is that you truly want.

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Asking for Referrals and Building a Strong Client Base | Carmen Hunter

How can you build a stronger community? Carmen shares amazing tips!

Carmen HunterCarmen Hunter is my guest for this week’s episode and she and I have a lot in common. Carmen first started out as a personal trainer and then slowly transitioned to being a health coach. She now helps others who are fresh out of school to become better practitioners.

Carmen is really on a mission to help guide the new and inexperienced through their wellness journey. She admits during the podcast that she didn’t have a support system and that the first couple of years were incredibly hard for her. I could completely relate! I also think this is why she is so driven to help others, fresh out of school, find their place in this world. There’s so much more key insights to take away from Carmen’s interview, so tune in!

Key Insights & Aha Moments

*Don’t forget to ask your current clients for referrals

*Carmen has been a health couch since 2010.

*Carmen is not an overnight success. It took years of mistakes to find her way.

*Carmen believes it’s important to teach someone who is unable to pay, for free, as a way to give back.

*There’s such a huge gap between getting out of school and actually implementing your practice.

*Health professionals just didn’t want to share important information within the industry.

*I had to find resources and information outside of the wellness community when I first started out.

*Afraid to share information? Stop! This industry is so big and there are so many people who need our help.

*It’s a disservice to each other to not share information and potentially not help someone else outside of your local zip code.

*Let your town and local community know who you are. Get your name out there.

*Getting referrals online is a different story, but what worked for Carmen was sharing her story and sharing her mistakes.

*Sometimes all you have to do is ask for referrals.

*Carmen saved time by creating a template that covered five of the foundational things about health.

*I love that Carmen took the time to slow down, so she could use it to go faster later.

*As we try to help others, don’t forget to also help yourself along that journey.

*How did having the support system help Carmen? It completely re-sparked her energy.

*There’s so much information out there that sometimes it’s hard to find the real and reliable methods.

*People think they don’t know enough, but that’s simply not true!

*We should never be afraid to say we’re still growing or that we don’t know or understand.

Maven Moment

Carmen talks about being alone throughout her wellness journey and this is something I could also, sadly, relate to. The first few years are always hard, but it’s even harder without the support from your colleagues. Your friends and family are sometimes not the best place to look to for support either, because not everyone is able to relate to our desire to become entrepreneurs or to help others on a more meaningful level.

So, I can’t stress enough how important it is in the wellness community to really support each other and share both our successes and our dark moments. You’re not alone! Just by finding others in your industry, it can save years of mistakes and feelings like you’re the only one out there.

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How to Attract and Grow Your Clients Online | Maven Mini

podcast-cover-finalWelcome to this week’s Maven Mini! I read your questions every day and it seems like this topic keeps coming up: How do you take your local business and attract an online audience or how do you grow your business on a global scale? Well, I’ve listened and today’s mini will focus on how you can become more established online. As always, I share three actionable tips you can use and apply right now, to move forward in this direction.

First: Be your authentic self. It’s very easy in your local market to be authentic, because you’re looking people in the eye and having real conversations with them. In the online world however, we sometimes get caught up and try to modify ourselves to someone else’s ‘proven’ online success and that, to me, is a huge no-no. Let me just tell you this, ‘authentic sells’ and if you can remain true to yourself, you’re going to be miles and miles ahead in your business.

Second: Be open to sharing yourself about who you are and why you love what you do. This is really important in the online space. People are looking for ways to know, like, and trust you; and the best way to do that is to be real. Let people in on who you are and expose yourself.

Third: CONSISTENCY! Consistency helps others know that you’re serious about your business and that you’re legit. The more they see you, the more they can get to know you and trust you!

These three tips are easy to apply and will get you off on the right foot when you’re approaching your online persona. Remember, the journey is sometimes long and hard, but as long as you’re authentic, honest about the challenges you are facing, and consistent, you will see results.


How To Get Referrals From Existing Clients | Maven Mini

podcast-cover-finalMy listeners often ask me how they can get referrals or recommendations from their current client base. I know this is something everyone struggles with, so I wanted to talk about it in this Mini Maven episode.

First of all there’s three main components to getting great referrals. Number one, and probably the most important one of them all, is to ask. Nothing will happen if you don’t ask! Number two, what kind of people should your clients send your way? Make that clear to them. Be specific on what you do and what kind of problems you help solve. Number three, set some clear goals in the next couple of days on which client you want to ask and then take action!

Feel free to let me know how these three things worked for you and keep sending in your questions!


Surprising Tips on Producing Content that Matters | Jennifer Dubowsky

Experiment with your social media strategy to deliver meaningful content to your audience.

podcast-jenny04I catch up with Jennifer Dubowsky on today’s episode. I actually interviewed Jennifer last year. She was the very first person I had interviewed for the podcast, way back when! My good friend Jennifer is a Licensed Acupuncturist based out of downtown Chicago, Illinois. Since the last time we spoke, she has discovered she’s doing her best and most authentic work through writing. Not only has her writing led her to connect with more people all over the world, but it has also opened more doors and opportunities.

By the way, do you like the new look and feel of the podcast? Let me know what you think!

Key Insights & Aha Moments

*Thank you for listening and sharing your feedback. Please help spread the word about the podcast.

*Jennifer’s blog has attracted more opportunities for her and has built a deeper connection with her audience.

*This is not a message about starting a blog! It’s about doing your most authentic work through the medium you love the most.

*Jennifer didn’t even want to start a blog. She did it purely for marketing purposes at first.

*One of Jennifer’s goals in 2014 was to have an article published on

*Jennifer has gotten more involved with Periscope and highly recommends it.

*How has Periscope helped Jennifer’s business? It has made her more personable and approachable.

*Success with social media takes time. People need to warm up to you and get to know you before they buy.

*You have to be consistent with your social media content.

*Listen to your audience’s feedback and produce more of what they want.

*Experiment with your social media content and see what works best. Keep trying over and over until you have struck gold.

*Analytics will help you discover what’s working and what’s not.

*JUST DO IT! If you don’t like it, you can always delete it.

*What do you really have to lose?

*How does Jennifer manage the new doors opening in front of her? If she doesn’t feel good about it, she won’t do it.

*Decision making in business is easy when you know what you want and why you want it.

*You can never have enough haters.

Maven Moment

Social media is a great marketing channel, which is why producing regular content is very important. However, you do want to evaluate your marketing strategy, frequently, to see what is working and what is not working. So many people miss this point that I would really like to drive it home. You never know 100% what your audience wants from you, which is why experimenting with your content strategy and analyzing the results is extremely beneficial.

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