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The Killer Intro

Let me break it down for you. I help people like you make Money in Wellness! I’m passionate about healers and practitioners just like you, because you have literally changed my life! I’ve had my own health struggles and you are the ones who have brought me back to wellness! And let me tell you, The Killer Intro can make all the difference!

That is what drives me. Now it’s my time to return the favor, to help you flourish and to help you reach and touch more people. I want to shift the perspective around the idea of making money and that it is negative. That is just not true!

Your success and ability to make money and grow your business actually allows you to reach and touch more people! Don’t limit yourself!

I want to prepare you to put yourself out there in front of potential clients or partners! I want to boost your confidence, which will boost your sales.

Boost Your Sales with The Killer Intro!

I had a recent client who chatted with me about her strengths and weaknesses. She told me that she was really great at writing, but the thought of doing a speaking event makes her want to die. She’d be up all night tossing and turning with anxiety and pleaded with me to not make her do anything like that. We can all relate to that, correct?

What I loved is that while she admitted she wasn’t great at one thing, she also made that connection with something that she was really good at!

But she also admitted that she’s struggling to be clear in her message and get that message out to potential clients. She’s struggling to explain exactly what she does to the person sitting across from her and not see the person’s eyes glaze over.

It’s not just starting the conversation or communicating her message concisely, it’s also difficult for her to advance the conversation when someone wants more information. She’s lost about how to go about having that sales conversation!

The reason I’m discussing this is because I want you to know you’re not alone!

This is the real deal. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve owned your business. I’ve met practitioners 5 years, 10 years down the line who are still struggling to make money because they haven’t nailed down that foundation yet.

I want to break this down for you today so you can confidently show up and introduce yourself. You need that clear message or everything else after that breaks down, correct?! Stop talking in circles!

You are the expert. You need to sound like you know what you do! Nobody wants to leave a conversation with somebody who isn’t sounding confident and doesn’t sound like they know what they are talking about. That is NOT a way to get a new client!

One time I even had a client tell me that she doesn’t even know what the heck she does. Now if that is not a sobering moment, I don’t know what is!

I want to put the mirror up in front of you.

I want to put some sort of a framework together for you, a recipe, if you will, of what to say so you’re prepared the next time you find yourself in this conversation. I don’t want you to fumble.

You’re never going to find yourself in another sales conversation because nobody is going to want to work with somebody who doesn’t sound confident or sound like an expert in their field.

Preparing before you go into that meeting is going to boost your confidence, which will ultimately increase your sales. That’s the goal, right?!

So how should you prepare?

You start with a framework. A recipe. You don’t have to follow it exactly, but you need some place consistent to start. I don’t want to see you become a robot because that’s not doing anyone any favors, either.

There are four key elements I want you to use when you are introducing yourself.

  1. Think about Who Your Target Audience Is

Make sure you identify who your target is and what you want your ideal client to look like. You have to identify this before you can build your introduction!

  1. Figure Out How to Speak to One of Their Pain Points

A lot of times we tend to make an introduction that is all about us, but you want to make it all about them! That’s the key! That is a key. Know what they struggle with and rehearse how to speak to it so they can identify you as an expert.

  1. Talk About The Amazing Outcome You Offer, Not Your Service

Don’t start telling them about the history of acupuncture. Eyes start to glaze over. Tell them what you can do for them! What can you do to provide relief to their pain point? What kind of difference can you make in their life?

  1. Speak To Their Ultimate Desire

Somebody doesn’t just want to lose weight. They want to lose weight so they can look awesome on their upcoming vacation or so they can play with better endurance with their kids. People want things for a deeper desire!

Let me give you an example of what would be a great introduction:

“Hi, my name is Michelle. I work with professional working women who are struggling to keep that youthful glow. I offer facial acupuncture and it helps you avoid the Botox phenomenon, while at the same time, reducing find lines and wrinkles. I can help improve your skin’s elasticity and ultimately give you that youthful glow you so deeply desire! This won’t only slow down the aging process, but you can literally turn back the clock!”

Get it? That is so much more interesting and now people know exactly what you do and whom you do it for.

Make it emotional. Make it personal.

Making it about them and not you is going to boost your confidence, their trust and will ultimately increase your sales.

xx Michelle

Michelle McGlade, MBA, LAc | Podcast Host | Author | Speaker
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