Three Steps to 50% More Clients in 2 ½ Months

Three Steps to 50% More Clients in 2 ½ Months

Let’s talk about Making Money in Wellness! Because when you make money, you’re not only taking care of yourself, but you’re able to take care of, reach and touch more people out there! That’s exactly what I want for you, so let’s discuss Three Steps to 50% More Clients in 2 ½ Months!

Who doesn’t want to book up their calendar by 50% more? Especially if it only takes 2 ½ months! This is a huge deal if you’re brand new and just getting started in your wellness business. I was inspired to talk about this topic by a client of mine, who is a brand new practitioner. I had the pleasure of working with her for three months and the first month, she was still working in a different job, trying to transition herself full-time to her new acupuncture practice.

And she did an amazing job of putting herself out there and following a framework that we created together! The results spoke for themselves!

When she started, she had 20 clients booked on the first day! That’s amazing and in reviewing her results over 2 ½ months, she reported that her calendar was already 50% full!

CONSISTENTLY, which is the key!

So what did she do to achieve these results?

These three steps made all the difference to help her think more globally and strategically. And it’s not that complicated!

Let’s discuss thinking about the tasks you need to accomplish and how you’re spending your time. Now, let’s put those tasks into three buckets and discuss what to prioritize.

1. Sales and Marketing Bucket


Here, enter any activity or task related to sales and marketing.

2. Operations Bucket


This includes all the “junk”. Paperwork, phone calls, emails, billing, ordering supplies, cleaning the office. All of those items we want to lump into the operations bucket.

3. Financial Bucket


This one often gets forgotten about. Here, include all of your accounting and financial items.

So how should you prioritize your time? First, looks look at the Operations Bucket.

Get your forms together, set up that website, continual learning. You’re doing something productive when you work in this bucket when you’re starting up your business. Create handouts for clients that you don’t have yet. Get things ready so when you DO have the clients, you’re not scrambling.

I don’t want you to focus on the wrong bucket!

Next, I have a feeling you’re spending tons of time on lead generation, which is found in the Sales and Marketing Bucket. And that’s where you need to be spending your time in Month 1, Month 2, etc. If you want to be fully booked or have any clients in the first 2 ½ months of your business, you have to get clients in the door, which is through sales and marketing!

But you may use a lot of the materials you created in the Operations Bucket to than use in Sales and Marketing! Bingo!

If you focus on the right bucket in your business and stop convincing yourself you can’t do it, you’re going to fill your calendar quickly!

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