How to Turn Consultations Into Paying Clients in 5 Easy Steps

How to Turn Consultations Into Paying Clients in 5 Easy Steps

Today I want to share how by actually saying less, you can turn more of your free consultations into paying clients! But it’s even more than the FREE consults. It’s when you answer the phone at your clinic and someone is simply calling to inquire about your services. Or maybe you’re out and about in a social setting and you get cornered at a cocktail party. Someone wants to pick your brain! So let’s discuss How to Turn Consultations Into Paying Clients in 5 Easy Steps!

In all three of these scenarios, you can use the same approach. Think big picture! It’s not just free consultations or paid consultations. It’s any conversation that you have and I want to make sure you know how to walk away from it in the best way possible!

I had a client recently wondering…

“What questions can I be asking people when they’re calling into my office and I get them on the phone? What is the script I can walk through to turn them into a client? What’s the step-by-step?”

Another client of mine wanted to know exactly what she should say when she was meeting a friend for lunch, because she knew there was the potential that they could work together.

A third client recently started adding free consultations to her acupuncture practice. Right away, she was wondering what in the world to do in the free consultation that would cause these people to become paying clients on a regular basis.

How do you turn these scenarios into paying clients? Because I know you feel this, as well. You’re getting hung up on what to say. You have fear about not looking like the expert you are! You have fear about the wrong words coming out of your mouth.

This is a form of self-sabotage!

You also don’t want to be taken advantage of. Maybe you’ve had these types of conversations or consultations in the past and you ended up feeling like people used you. You gave them great information (maybe too much of it) and then poof… They were gone.

How to Turn Consultations Into Paying Clients in 5 Easy Steps


The good news about this is that it’s really simple! By actually saying less, you’re going to turn more of these consultations and conversations into paying clients. Here is the five step process you can use to do it.

1. Focus on Them, Not You

You do this by asking questions! Take the time to really uncover what they’re struggling with. Discuss their journey and found out where they are. Where do they want to go? What do they desire? How would this change their life?

This should be a majority of your conversation. 80% of the time that you are spending with them should be about finding out more information about their journey!

2. Think About How They Are A Good Fit For You

Can you genuinely help them? The truth is, you can’t help everyone. They may not be your ideal client and that’s O.K.! It’s time to empower yourself to decide if they would be a good fit for YOU, not just if you are a good fit for them!

Do you want to work with them? If you’re feeling yourself leaning towards no, it ends there. You don’t need to take them on or talk to them about working with you. I’ve done this hundreds of times myself, and it’s OK!

If you’re just not sure, than ask more questions!

3. Share With Them How You Can Help

Don’t misunderstand! You are NOT coaching them. You’re not giving them information. You’re talking to them about how you’re going to be able to take them from Point A to Point B.

Talk about the treatment plan. Case studies. Testimonials. Discuss your experiences in working with the struggle they are dealing with and show them that you understand and can help them.

However… DON’T SPEND MUCH TIME ON THIS STEP! Maybe 5% of your conversation should be based around Step 3. Remember… you’re talking less to bring in more paying clients!

4. Answer Questions

Go over the different questions they may have for you up to this point in your conversation. However, make sure you’re putting it back on them! Don’t do all the talking. I know you want to, but let them ask questions they may have.

They want to know how much things cost? Let them ask. They want to know all of the details of working together? Let them ask. Don’t give them all of the information, just to find out what they want to know!

5. Have a Clear Call to Action

Be ready to finalize the consultation by saying, “Great! Let’s sign you up today! Let’s get that first appointment in the books!”

If they answer by needing time to think about it, when will you follow up? Find out when you can connect again to make a decision. YES OR NO!

You have to have that clear call to action!

And just like that, you have 5 easy steps that you can use at any time you’re having a conversation, a consultations or someone calls you up on the phone.

And remember… saying less can actually help you turn more of those free consultations into paying clients!

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